Aaiynaa Part 31

PART – 31

After much discussion or rather say fights, finally everything was decided and all the work was divided amongst everyone. Maan didn’t bother to say anything further and no one had the guts to give him any task! Well, Geet was too tempted to give him oodles of tasks but timely intervention of our loyal employee Adi, saved Maan.

“BTW Geet, if you are forgetting let me remind you, today is the presentation and discussion day, I want you in office in next 30 minutes. You need to cover up for Adi and Pinky’s work too since they are your BEST friends!” Maan smirked seeing the perfect O’ face of Geet and stupefied expressions on everyone’s faces. Before anyone could recover, Maan immediately vanished from the place!!!

“Ugghhh Sam tumhare papa ek number ke dusht danav hai!!!” Geet screamed stamping her foot, and ran towards outhouse to grab her things, while everyone else snickered!!

“Bali dadi, wat ish dushh da… da.. da…??” Sam stammered.

“Sam beta, its dusht danav!” Dev offered only to recieve a super angry glare making him gulp!

“Oyee unkle, beta kishko bola??? Me no beta me Sam! Undelstood!!” Sam asked threateningly while showing his big-big angry eyes, making Dev nod hurriedly.

“Baap re! Yeh to bilkul Armaan aur Maan ki copy hai gusse ke maamle me!!! Let me get away before he burns me to cinders.” Thought Dev and ran upstairs on pretext of calling the caterers!

Dadima and Yash too went away! Yash went off to call pandit ji while our dear Dadima ran away to catch the repeat telecast of Swaragini!! Yesterday she had missed full two minutes of that show, as she had to go to washroom!!

“Adi unkle n Pinky, you tell wat ish this dush dana?”

But Adi and Pinky were too lost in each others eyes. They barely were aware of any surroundings and kept looking at each other.

“Ehhh… yeh Pinky inna adi unkle ko stare koon kal lahi hai? Sheems his glass ale dirty!” Sam concluded and went and stood in between them, but was still unable to reach their height, so he took a chair and stood up on it to see Adi uncle’s glasses, but by the time he reached them, Adi and Pinky already started going upstairs still lost in each other’s eyes!! Poor Sam, was left there, still standing on that chair!!!


Geet had reached just 2 minutes back and was standing at the entrance of the office trying to catch her breath. Maan had left for office immediately and the stupid bus got a flat tire, so she had to run all the way, nearly 2 kms, as there were no autos available!!! She somehow composed her disheveled state and went by the lift, on the second floor, only for her way to be blocked by Sasha!

“Hey you!! You are the new intern right? What the hell is this? You come one-two days for work then vanish for two days, and then today you decide to honour our office with your gracious presence and that too 2 hours late?” Sasha shouted on Geet gathering attention of everyone present there!

“Mam wo…”

But Sasha didn’t let her say anything and kept on shouting at her, everyone gave pitying looks to Geet.

“I know that MK gives you special favours and you are somewhat related to his son, but still this is office, even MK follows the rules here. So, how could you take liberties?”

“Mam, actually woh wedding… uhh I mean shaadi…” Geet fumbled looking nervously at Maan who was standing behind Sasha giving them dagger looks!

“SHAAADDDIII!!!!” Sasha shouted making everyone shocked.

“NO WAY!!! I WONT LET THIS HAPPEN!! YEH SHAADI NAHI HO SAKTI!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!!” Sasha shouted pointing a finger at Geet.

Before Geet could retort, Maan intervened- “May I know what problem you have with this wedding Miss. Sasha?” Maan asked coldly, his voice sending shivers to everyone’s spine! Poor Sasha was caught off guard and turned around abruptly-

“W… Woh… Woh… MK… woh…” She stammered…

“What woh’ Sasha. I asked you a question- WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?” Maan shouted getting very irritated. Geet at once reached by his side and kept her hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down.

“Listen once and for all Sasha… This wedding will HAPPEN… You like it or not… And yes you are NOT invited for it… You can give your best wishes to the couple on Monday after the wedding…” Maan announced and went away from there to his cabin, giving a look to Geet telling her to follow him.

“MONDAY!!! Matlab the wedding is on Sunday… TOMORROW???? NO THIS CANT HAPPEN!!” Sasha shouted and started crying…

Geet gave her a strange look and asked her- ” but mam what problem do you have with this wedding?”

“Don’t you understand!!! You foolish girl!! You snatcher!! I LOVE HIM! I wanted to MARRY him!! Ever since I joined this office, I wanted HIM ONLY HIM!!” Sasha cried.

“WHATTT! You love… REALLY??? OMG am so sorry for you mam!!! I can understand your pain. I hope god gives you strength to bear it. But really I never thought even in my dreams that you liked Adi sir!!”

“You wont underst… WAIT!! ADI???? What has Adi got to do with it??” Sasha queried, stopping her wailing session.

“Its OK mam, I understand your situation. Hope you will get enough strength to congratulate Adi sir and Pinky and be happy in their happiness.” Geet said pityingly and went off to cool down her Dracula!

“ADI and PINKY??? Means they are GETTING MARRIED!! NOT MK and GEEET!!! Means MY MK is safe!! YIPPPEEE!!” Sasha shouted when her bulb finally lit up and started dancing around like a Banshee, making all the employees give her pitying looks thinking she has lost her mental balance finally!


Maan was damn pissed off. First of all the presentation was not yet complete and the clients were scheduled to come in an hour. Secondly, Adi and Pinky were not present in the office, so he had to manage his own schedule. Thirdly, he had to keep a check on everything for the wedding that was happening at such a short notice. After all Adi, is like his best friend. The that dream… And then finally, the over-the-top mad behavior of Sasha!!

“Sam gave her the correct punishment. I was mad to give her another chance on her father’s request!” Maan murmured while rubbing his forehead where a headache was already developing.

Two cool soothing hands removed his fingers and started working their magic on his forehead making him relax in peace.

“Why are you so tensed?”


“I know it’s not nothing, and before you think of another lie, I know its not actually related to office or the wedding. Tell me, what is it?” Geet questioned making Maan smile, she knew him a little too well.

“I had a strange dream yesterday.” Maan confessed.

“What dream?”

Maan pulled her hand forward and made her sit on his lap. He sighed.

“It had some hazy scenes, not very clear but somehow it felt too much real to be a dream. It felt that all that was actually real, maybe I lived some of it. But I don’t remember anything of that sort. That’s what troubling me.” Maan shared while dipping his face in her hair inhaling her scent for comfort.

“It could be real!”

“What??” Maan gave her surprised look, startled.

“Actually sometimes there are certain things which are real but we tend to forget them.”

“Matlab…” Maan asked confused.

“Leave it! Tell me what was that in that dream?”

“Ummm… It was hazy… as if someone was with friends… Drinking… Then driving… And then some accident…” Maan told trying to remember that dream but stopped when he realized, Geet had literally frozen in his arms.
What do you think doctor?” Inspector asked.

“Well sir, the guy was drunk, and rash driving…” doctor told.

“GEET!!! GEEETTT!!” Maan shook her to bring her out of her reverie!

Huh?? Geet asked disoriented.

“What happened to you?”

“Umm… Nothing! I … I should work for that presentation, its still not complete and Adi sir is also not there so…” Geet didn’t finish and ran away from his cabin leaving Maan in his thoughts.

The wedding
And the paper mystery


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Aaiynaa Part 30

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PART – 30

Adi and Pinky’s wedding was fixed for Sunday, which was two days later!! Poor Adi and Pinky hardly had any say on their OWN wedding as each and every thing was decided by one and only our melodramatic Dadima. Only once everything was fixed did everyone notice that the three people responsible for this happiness were missing!

MAAN’s Room

Sam barged inside his daddy’s room only to witness his daddy busy staring at a dirty piece of paper, sitting on the bed.

“Wat ale you seeing???” Sam curiously asked trying to peek at the paper.

Maan immediately turned around, and got startled to see our dear Sam who was now standing comfortably behind him on the bed, while that pair of curious eyes was still trying to peep at the paper.

Oh gosh Sam!! You scared me!!”

“okie but wat ale you hideng?”

“Nnn…nothing Sam… Uhhh excuse me!!” Said Maan and ran away before the detective started his questioning and grilling session!!!

“Eeeh somthig fissy!!” Sam concluded his eyes glistening with mischief and pride now that he found a new mission!!!


Geet had to stay KM outhouse as she had still not found a good apartment on rent. Going back to hostel was out of question since Sam was here. So she and Sam were comfortably cuddled up in the luxurious bed of Maan’s bedroom in outhouse. Maan had furnished it so that he could take refuge here when Dadima’s melodramatic-ness was at its peak and her mission was to drive him nuts!!

Meanwhile Pinky and Adi too had stayed back and had occupied both the guest rooms of KM though currently both the rooms were empty as the supposed’ occupants were busy cherishing their two day courtship period on the terrace!!

Dev and Yash were sharing Dev’s room and currently both were snoring away!! Though Dev was on the floor busy romancing the floor tiles as our dear Yash had practiced some Taekwondo moves in his dream that turned a little reality!!!

And our dear Dadima was busy thinking of Sasural Simar ka in her dreams where the ichchhadaari naagin track was going on and the world savior Simar was doing some taandav!!

So all in all everything was extremely normal and peaceful but somewhere in this same mansion at this time, someone was living through a very dreadful nightmare… or wait!! Was it a reality???

MAAN’s Room

“Hey Maan!! Come on dude!! You are giving up at just 5 pegs??”

“Hottie!! Nitant has already reached 8 and getting ready for 9th!! This is not done!! Bug up yaar!! See I have put 1000 bucks on you yaar!!!”

“Maan!!”…”Maan!!!”…”Maan!!!” Everyone cheered
“Yeah!! I have my license yaar!! Come on am a major now!!! Its time to test my present!!!”

“Nahiii” Maan shouted getting up from his sleep!! He was perspiring badly. He somehow took the glass of water kept on the side table with shaky hands. His eyes were still red and even the 16 degree temperature of AC was not helping his state!

“What did I dream of???” Maan thought confused!!!

But Maan didn’t get time to ponder over it as his bedroom door was brutally being knocked by an impatient Yash and Dev who had heard his blood-curdling scream because their room was quite nearby to his room.

After nearly ten minutes of convincing them and one additional minute of glaring at them, Maan got successful in getting them out of his room. Not having enough strength to think more, he fell into a dreamless sleep.


There was a great hustle bustle at the breakfast table. Everyone was talking at once, after all there was a wedding to plan that too in just two days!!

“Dadima lets have Mehandi and Sangeet today afternoon and Haldi in the evening!!” Geet suggested.

“Nahi beta… Haldi toh subah hi hoti hai..”

“Uff!! How will we manage so many rituals in just two days?” Dev grumbled.

Geet looked at his when he spoke and then shook her head… “No she was thinking too much, there can be many Devs out there… But why did he look so familiar???”

“D..Dddadi… C… caaan me and P… pinky have a c…court weddinggg?” Adi suggested

“NAHHHIII!!! Bina saath agni ke pheron ke shaadi? Hum aisa anarth hamare ghar mein kabhi nahi hone denge.” Dadi firmly put her foot down.

“Dadi the only way possible for this wedding to take place is have a small mehandi and sangeet today, haldi tomorrow and then a simple temple wedding.” Maan spoke while coming down the stairs adjusting his cufflinks. Dev and Yash gave a concerned look to him but then seeing him normal they got relieved.

Dadi was about to protest but then Maan added- “Either this way or a court wedding OR a wedding AFTER TWO MONTHS” Maan said with finality.

Everyone murmured amongst themselves and by the time Maan reached the dining table they squealed “Humey MANZOOR HAI!!

Poor Maan literally jumped out of his skin!!!!


Some more glimpses of Nightmare
And uh… oh… someone had problem with Adi marrying Pinky!!!

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Aaiynaa Part 29

Dadi had decided that Pinky and Adi should be married within a week. When Adi had tried to protest meekly, she said- “Who knows if some calamity happens if they postpone the wedding? The groom could have an accident and he may get absconding for months or years with a changed face or maybe the bride’s hidden childhood husband may appear out of thin air!!! No, No!! “Chat Mangni Patt Byah” was the best option!!!” (Ruchs wondering- Our Melodramatic Dadima is back!!!!)

While Yash and Dev were grinning widely seeing the almost crying faces of Adi and Pinky seeing Dadi’s craziness, our dear Sam was getting bored. Now when this mission was accomplished, he needed another one to keep him busy!

“How boring! Me abb kya kaley? Me ka work here is over. Ummm…. Yeh mom-dad misshing misshing!! Hmmm… Lemme see!!” He thought to himself making his way towards Maan’s room!


Maan was standing amongst their terrace garden. There was a beautiful dome covered with vines of money plant and some beautiful white flowers at one corner of the terrace. And beyond that there were patches full of all variety of roses, orchids, lilies, chrysanthemums and many other beautiful flowers. This was one place where Maan usually found answers to all his questions. And why not, this was the place where he could feel his best friend, his partner in crime, Nandini!!

“Uff tu yahan purey din baith ke karti kya rehti hai? Chal na, ekk bahut achchha bowling club khula hai paas mein, deh kar aatey hai…” Maan offered Nandini while almost dragging her, making her drop her packet of seeds in the process.

“You idiot! Dekh tuney kya kiya? Abb yeh galat flower ugg jayenge na mere roses ki jagah par!!!” Nandini scowled at him while hitting him with the spade!

“Owwwww!! Tu pagal hai kya? Itni zor se lagi!” Maan grumbled while rubbing his shoulder.

“Awwww… Lagi mere baby ko?”

Maan pouted his face and nodded, earning another whack from Nandini.

“Toh Achchha hua, abb bhaag yaha se…” Nandini grumbled getting back to work on those tiny saplings.

“Yaar pichhle teen mahino se tu purey time iss terrace garden ko bananey mein lagi hui hai… We can always get someone to do it agar tujhey yeh itna chaiyeh to, tu kyun itni mehnat kar rahi hai?” Maan asked the question for the hundredth time, and got the same answer like all times.

“Jab hum kisi kaam ko bahut pyaar se kartey hain, to wahan hamara ek ehsaas chha jaata hai. Tu abhi nahi samjhega, but one day you will know!” Nandini whispered, again getting lost in her little personal heaven, as she called!

Maan realized how true her words were on the day he lost her. Since that day, this place offered him peace and never disappointed him whenever he needed her. He was still relishing the peaceful feeling, when one of the pots of roses fell down due a gust of wind.

“Arrey yeh kaise tut gaya?” Maan bent down to collect the remnant for planting in a different pot, when his eyes fell on a piece of paper. Being curious, he picked it out, dusted it off and gently opened it.

“Thanks Nandu. You did it yet again!” Maan whispered with tears in his eyes.

At some Cafe

Geet was sitting in one corner sipping chilled water, while her thoughts kept wandering off to her past. Today, she had to finalize her apartment but her mind was just not co-operating with her. Taking a deep sigh, she decided to finally open up with Maan. Today if there was someone she trusted even more than herself, it was Maan. She had already trusted him with her life, their Sam, and now, it was time to trust him with her past!

She picked up her phone to call Maan when suddenly the phone started ringing.

“Yeh toh Bangalore ka number lagta hai. Par waha se abb mujhe kaun call karega?” She frowned, but nevertheless picked up the call.


Unknown- “Am I talking to Miss. Geet Handa?”

“Yes, this is Geet.”

Unknown- “If I am correct then you resided in XXXXX orphanage some years ago?”

“Yes, that’s right. But may I know who is this?”

Unknown- “My child, I am Mother Breganza from XXXXX orphanage, actually I found your this number from one of my colleagues, Sister Neema whom you apparently met last year.”

“Good evening Mother.”

Mother- “God bless you my child. Actually I called up to tell you that we were renovating our orphanage when we found this old trinket box with your name and date of birth engraved on it. So, when I got your number I though if you could tell me your address, I will courier it to you.”

“Really mother? That would be so kind of you if you could do that!” Geet exclaimed getting happy to know about that box. It really had lots of her memories associated with it.

Mother- “My child, I understand how much every small memory means to our children. Tell me dear, where should I courier it.”

Geet thought for a while then told her the address of Khurana Mansion.

Mother- “Okay dear! Hopefully you will get your belongings in a few days! God bless you my child.”

“Thank you mother.”

Destiny was just weaving its web to bring back the past buried in the files of some hospitals and police stations. But with what intensity will this past affect everyone’s life, is yet to be seen.


A Nightmare!


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Hi friends, as promised, here is the summary of the story till now.
Aaiynaa Story Till Now…

Aaiynaa is a story revolving around the life two individuals Maan and Geet. While Maan is 28, Geet is only 18. But even at the age of 18, Geet is mature beyond her age. They both met at a college even where Maan was chief guest and Geet made his life hell. They both were like a clash of titans but gradually like they say opposites attract, and right now they are in a relation ship, Geet doesn’t believe in marriages. At present she has joined Maan’s office as an intern. Because she is intelligent beyond her capability, she is managing both college and office. Life has thrown many challenges towards her, one of them in the form of her parents death in an accident when she was just 8. She has a son named Samrat aka Sam. He is not her biological son but was gifted to her by destiny when she was just 16. Because she herself was an orphan, she found her world in him. She became his mother, when she herself was a teenager. Sam has cancer. And Maan and Geet both are trying their best to save him.

Later in story, it is seen that Sam is actually Nandini Handa Khurana and Armaan’s son. Nandini being Geet’s real sister resembles her a lot. And Armaan is Maan’s elder brother. But both Geet and Maan were unaware about them being related and how Maan never knew about Geet in spite of being best friends with Nandini for years, is still a mystery. How Sam landed up abandoned in a temple is a mystery as well. Whether Nandini and Armaan are alive or dead, is a mystery too!!!

Ved was also Maan’s brother who actually once tried to date Geet but it went flop!!! Dev is also Maan’s brother but a cousin or real, we don’t know. In last two parts we saw that Dev is somewhat related to Geet’s past.

Phew! SO here is a short summary of a story till now. Though if you guys have time, I would request you to read the previous parts, as I think you will enjoy them and also there are many things which I skipped!!

Aaiynaa Part 28

PART – 28

Was it the peaceful serene environment, the sweet occasional chiming of the bell or the fresh smell of various flowers, Geet didn’t know, but this place always gave her the peace and much needed space to clear her thoughts. When she sat on her knees with a candle in her hand having an eye-to-eye talk with Mother Mary, she always found herself sharing even her deepest secrets. Though a true Hindu by birth, but it was a Church where she actually found herself in, anytime she needed guidance.

And today was one such day. It had been almost 2 months since she last came here. She had moved on in life, trying her best to shed all that burden of the past. But today that one word had brought all those painful memories back to her. She was back to square one all because of that one name, DEV.

“Why mother, why??? Why is this name intriguing me so much? There must be lakhs of Devs in this world. Then why am I relating this one to him???” Geet questioned the divine figure of Mother Mary while closing her eyes, letting those tears of anguish finally fall freely.

Prin..Princess… Promi… Promise me… beta… aap darr… darroge… nahi… Aap jiyo… jiyoge… Meri princess… Haa.. haar nahi maa.. maanegi…” rasped a badly injured Rano while extending her shivering hand towards her daughter who herself was crying in pain…

“Promisss me… pri.. princess…”

“Prom.. sob…promise…” cried the little one…

The next thing she knew was she being pushed out of the window and the car roll down the cliff milliseconds later. The only two words she uttered before passing out were- “Maa… Papa…”

Geet hurriedly opened her eyes and gasped as those memories came back to her. She was just eight but that one promise to her mother was what made her fight for her existence till date. She never accepted defeat at any challenge life threw at her.

“Mother, I cannot bring them back. I know. Then why is this entire thing making me so restless? I don’t even want any revenge because I don’t know whose fault it was. They why is it taking a toll on me? Why do I feel that something bad is going to happen soon? Why???” Geet whispered only to get the silence as always.


Downstairs everyone was busy making Adi and Pinky turn beetroot red by mercilessly teasing them but Maan was pacing on his personal terrace. He knew that his Geet had undergone a lot in the past, and if his instinct is correct then today something happened that reminded her of it.

“Main toh yeh tak nahi jaanta ki aakhir tumhare past main hua kya tha? Kaise main tumhara dard kam karoon Geet? Kaise?” Maan questioned himself while combing his hair backward, with his hand.

Both of them had questions, but there are some questions that are best left unanswered. Because some answers raise the question on your mere existence.

A Glimpse Of Nandini!!
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Aaiynaa Part 27

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PART- 27
Dev Uncle, this name was etched deep in her memory. After all who can forget that one name which was maybe somehow linked to the reason for your doom in past life? She somewhat remembered his face also, though she was not sure if this Dev was that one or not…

“Bachcha… how are you feeling now??”

Dev sweetly asked the scared 8 year old who was attached to various tubes and dressed up with multiple bandages. But the little girl did not reply, she merely clutched that little pink teddy close to her heart with her only good hand.

“Sweety, don’t worry. Jaldi aap ek bahut achchhi jagah jaa paaoge. Waha par aur bhi bahut saare chhote chhote friends milenge aapko…” Dev lovingly told the mini scared cutie while ruffling her hair a little, but as usual the only reply he got was that blank scared stare.

While the only thing running in that little brain was- “She lost everyone… And maybe because of this uncle…”


Geet came out of that shuddering memory when the same guy clicked his fingers in front of him…

“So back to earth… hmmm??? I already met this little muchikin… But yet to meet that daring lady who actually managed to make THE Maan Singh Khurana’s life hell…” Dev chuckled…

“Hi…” Geet whispered weakly

“Obviously you don’t know me… Am Dev as in Dev Singh Khurana… Dadi’s eldest pota and Maan’s elder bro…” Dev finished while offering his hand for a handshake…

“Not a good idea bro… You don’t know Geet ka jab paara high hota hai na toh ussmein Mike Tyson ki aatma aa jaati hai… She might just hold your hand and throw you somewhere considering how angry she is at the Saudagars!!!” Yash chimed while everyone sniggered seeing Dev’s stupefied face…

Everyone laughed even more seeing Dev hastily remove his hand mumbling something about an urgent call while running away upstairs. But Geet was oblivious to all this, she was stuck at just two words… ELDER BROTHER, is he the one???!!!

“What happened Geet? Abhi bhi naaraaz ho??” Maan asked her sweetly, he could make out she was still upset…

“Ummm Nahi… Am okay, but I really need to get somewhere, main Sam ko shaam ko pick kar lungi…” Geet finally spoke as her brain functioned a little..

“Kya hua bete??” this time Dadima asked worried, everyone now was a little worried seeing her so detached…

“Nothing Dadima, wo haan… aaj mujhe uss rent waale apartment ko bhi finalize karne jaana tha, wo now since Sam is here so main hostel main nahi reh sakti na… Bass isliye… Umm I should go now…” Saying this she hurriedly took her purse and went away…

Though no one was convinced but they didn’t interfere… But Maan could make out it was something related to Dev bhai… He didn’t miss how her face lost colour hearing his name…But the question was how was Dev bhai even related to her or was it just the name… Dev???

Nightmares or some hidden truths???

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