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When hells fall on Heaven

Hi dears!! Till date I have posted only on Maaneet on my blog!!

But this is something on the fictionary characters, I have imagined ever since I started writing!!

Its a story on Aditya and Ananya, in fact all the work except Twisty till date had always been on them but I converted it into Maaneet!!

Hope you give my characters a chance and will give me your opinions!!


Life had been extremely harsh on Aditya. The poor guy had gone on an office trip for a week and had just received the news that his lovely fiancée died in an accident. He was completely devastated and felt crestfallen. He loved her with all his life and couldn’t bear the harsh reality. He gave up on the temptation to join his lover and slit his wrist with the knife lying nearby in the fruit basket, missing the phone call of his fiancée who was calling up to tell him that she was alright, by minutes.

Beautiful rainbow amidst lush greenery and breathtaking landscaping greeted his view after a few hours and he at once knew that he had reached his destination. He was escorted by some men, who looked like bouncers, to Mr. Chitragupta who used to assign heaven or hell to a person based on his or her deeds!!! 

“Mr. Aditya Singh Rathore.” One of the secretaries of Mr. Chitragupta called out aloud.

“Yes, that’s me.” Aditya announced proudly and came in front.

 He was escorted to a cute looking man with a heavy Santa Claus style beard balancing a large notebook on his protruding tummy and barely managing the glasses that kept on falling off his nose.

“So, Mr. Aditya, before I calculate your sins and good deeds, let me ask your opinion, what would you prefer heaven or hell? Though I know the obvious answer but I still give fair chance to everyone.” Mr. Chitragupta spoke up loudly; For a man with his physique, he certainly had a loud voice.

Sir, I don’t care whether its heaven or hell but I would be grateful to you if you could put me in the place where my love, my Ananya is…”

Everyone present there was surprised with Aditya’s answer.

“Oh! So you have committed suicide to join your lover? Interesting. Its very rare to fid such love nowadays… But a real waste…. You see I am really sorry to inform you that your sacrifice has gone waste as your love, your fiancée, Miss Ananya, is very much alive and breathing on earth!!” Mr. Chitragupta informed him.

“WHAT? It’s not possible, there must be some mistake, please check your records once again.” Aditya pleaded dreading what will he do if this piece of information turns out to be true.

“Its true Mr. Aditya. Now according to my calculations, we would be shifting you to…” Mr. Chitragupta tried to announce but was interrupted by the man whom he pitied mentally.

“NO. NO. NO. If my Ananya is down there, send me back too. RIGHT NOW!” Aditya spoke up angrily.

“Well I guess nothing much can be done in this matter so if you could please co-operate we…”

Once again Mr. Chitragupta was disturbed but this time by one of his announcers, who came running to him, panting heavily.

“Sir. Sir. I am sorry to interrupt like this but we have another person here and she demands to see you immediately. When we requested her to wait, she shouted so loudly that all the glasses of the waiting house have shattered. As if that was not enough, she pulled out the receptionist’s hair so badly that she has got bald patches so I had to bring her here before she did any more damage.” 


Who is she???


Guys, this is the first time I am attempting to write in this manner!! Hope its up to the mark!!!

I will be waiting for your honest opinions!!


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Kaafilaa Part 8

*My net still not working well so banner to be uploaded soon*

A very Happy Belated Diwali to all my awesome friends!! Hope you had awesome fun and got lots of gifts!! he he!!

Everyone out with swords jutis and chappals aiming at me for the delay, please direct them towards my internet provider and the University of Rajasthan… These two are entirely responsible for it!! Me innocent bachcha at no fault!!


The scene that greeted Maan in the kitchen was hilarious!! Poor servants were standing with their heads bowed down while Geet was taking their class!!!

“Yeh chhini ka dabba khula kyun hai, kya aaj aap sab ne cheetiyon (ants) ko daawat par bulaya hai??? Aur yeh gas stove itni gandi kyun hai… Chhi… Aur yeh Kitchen cloth last kab badla tha??? Dekh kar toh lag raha hai, ki world war I ke time ka hai… Chhi… Itna unhygienic hai…”

Nakul saw Maan and requested him with his eyes to save them all from Geet’s Hitler Avatar but Maan just gave a lopsided smile as if mocking them… “Mera mazaak uda rahey thhey na abb bhugto…” But after a few minutes Maan finally had a pity on the poor servants who were just about to cry!!!

He wordlessly crept behind Geet and slipped his arms on her waist!!! Geet gasped and before she could respond, Maan scooped her in his arms and took her to their bedroom!!

“MAAAN!! Yeh aaap kya kar rahey hain… Utariye mujhe… ABHIIII!!” Geet shouted while struggling to get out of Maan’s hold… Kicking her legs in the air… but Maan paid no heed to her and carried her all the way to their bedroom!!!

He gently dropped her on the bed and Geet tried to run away as soon as Maan left her but before that Maan locked her in the cage formed between his arms and the bed and warned her…

“Sochna bhi mat yahi bethi raho warna…”

“Warna kya???” Geet asked getting agitated…

“Warna yeh…” Maan said and started tickling her!!!

“N.. nahi.. he he… ma.. Maan… ha ha ha.. chho… he ha… Chhodo…ha ha…” Geet cried amidst laughing!!

Maan enjoyed seeing Geet laughing so freely after such a long time but then left her as she was feeling out of breath… he got up and took out a capsule from the strips kept on the bedside table and offered it to Geet with a glass of water…

Geet made a baby face and looked at Maan pleadingly…

“Chup Chaap khaao nahi toh…” Maan didn’t have to complete his sentence as Geet quickly snatched the capsule and gulped it down before Maan started tickling her once again!!

She made a yucky face and Maan offered her a dairy milk chocolate that he had bought for her… Geet happily took it and started relishing it while Maan relished her cute expression that she made while eating the chocolate!!

“Hmm… Chalo abb thodi der rest karlo meri Jhansi Ki Rani… My baby is cribbing that her mom is not letting her rest and she is missing out on her beauty sleep…” Maan said while tucking Geet in the blanket!!!

“Oyeee… Kya kaha aapne mujhe??? Jhansi ki Rani??? Toh phir aap bhi na… ummm… Haan… Lord Voldemort ho!!! Aur yeh kya she-she laga rakha hai… Mera betey ko she kehna band karo…” Geet complained!!

“Lord voldemort… Huh… Theek hai abb main kitna Lord Voldemort hoon yeh toh baad mein bataaoonga… Par haan yeh baat samajh lo ki this is my sweet angel… my baby girl in here…” Maan said while gently touching and patting Geet’s tummy…

“… Bilkul meri Geet jaisi.. And don’t worry about your beta… We will have one but NEXT TIME!!!” Maan said the last bit a little loudly making Geet blush!!

Maan lowered Geet and caressed her hair till the medicine took effect and Geet slipped into deep slumber!! Maan then checked his watch and thought…

“Hmm abhi toh time baaki hai… Koi baat nahi let me start a bit early… The spa is almost at city outskirts and I need to be back in time!!!” He dropped a kiss on Geet’s forehead and left for the spa!!


Maan had just come back and made his way towards the room thinking that Geet must have woken up by now but he was greeted by a very cute sight!!! Geet was cuddling up with his pillow and was still sleeping with a sweet smile adorning her face!! He knew Geet must be very tired as her body was still very weak… That’s why it was almost 9 PM still she hadn’t woken up!! He was happy, as his work was now easier!!! He didn’t disturb her and left for the washroom silently with the packet in his hand!!

While Maan was busy working on his surprise, Geet finally woke up from her deep slumber… She was stretching her muscles while yawning when her eyes fell on the clock kept on the side table…

“Hey babaji… Main itni der se so rahi hoon??? Maan ne mujhe uthaya kyun nahi??? Aur yeh Maan hai kaha???” She thought to herself while getting off the bed…

 She was thinking of going down to check on Maan when she heard some noise from the washroom….

“Hmmm lagta hai Maan washroom main hai… Main yahi beth kar unka wait karti hoon…”

Geet sat back on the bed waiting for Maan… After a few minutes Maan came out of the washroom and found Geet leaning on the bed post while slightly dozing off… She was really very weak and her body was trying to retain the little energy by resting…

“Arrey Geet… Tum uth gayi…” Maan exclaimed… Though he wanted Geet to rest as much as possible but right now he wanted to give her the surprise and for that he needed her to be awake!!!

“Maan!!!” Geet spoke drowsily while slowly getting off the bed and leaning on her best comfort pillow… Her Maan’s comforting arms… The world’s safest place on earth!!!

Maan chuckled seeing her getting so drowsy, he wordlessly lifted her from the ground while carrying her to the washroom!! Geet immediately opened her eyes wide when she felt she was in air…

“Maaan!! Yeh aap kya kar rahey hain????” Geet shouted mortified noticing where Maan was carrying her off to…

Maan didn’t bother to reply… He just kept Geet back on her feet after entering the washroom… Geet was about to shout more but then when she had a glimpse of the surroundings, she lost her voice!!!

The whole washroom was transformed into something…. Heavenly!! The bathtub was filled with rose petals and the water had something mixed in it, which resembled a combination of milk and turmeric… There were scented candles lit all over which spread a soothing yet sensuous aroma around!! There were small rose scented candles lit around the circular bathtub at regular intervals… Even the white carpet had been replaced with a small rangoli sought of a thing made by colorful candles and rose petals… The overall ambience of the room was just out of the world!!

“M…m…Maaan????” Geet barely whispered still under shock!!!

“Shh Jaan!!!” Maan shut her up by placing his finger on her lips… He understood her unsaid words!! He never needed words to know about what she felt!! Just her eyes were enough!! There was a time when he had actually misread her eyes and he was still guilty for that!! He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts!! Today, he just wanted to pamper his Jaan, and such wayward thoughts had no place in it!!!

“Geet!!! STRIP!!!!!” Maan suddenly spoke!!

“WHATTTTT!!!” Geet shrieked truly mortified!!

“Uff Geet!! I meant you can’t have a bath na with clothes on!!! Tum bhi na pata nahi what dirty thoughts you get in mind!!! You have a nice bath and I will come in a few minutes!!” Maan spoke with as much seriousness and innocence as he could though there was a hidden mirth beneath his eyes, which our dear Geet failed to see!!

A confused Geet just stood there wondering what just happened and finally shrugged it off!!! She was quite excited with the whole surprise Maan had set up for her and decided to just enjoy that!! Little did she know that this was just the beginning of her surprise!!


Surprise continued…


Glimpse of villain… or maybe villains!!!


Me really sorry since me owed you a long update after so much delay, but cant help it dears!!

BTW Kaafilaa is soon coming to an end in maximum 2-3 parts!! Me a li’l sad about it!!!

Am sure many of my supe intelligent buddies have guessed what’s gonaa happen next!! And yup me wants to warn in advance, no X-rated thoughts about the next update, me an innocent bachcha with innocent updates!! he he!!


 please do leave your precious comments

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Aaiynaa Part 21

Maan was still in a shocked mode!! He knew Sam was too intelligent for his age but knowing how to read and that too complicated office papers at the age of two as well as understanding them, now that was impossible!! It was definitely either some miracle or there was something fishy going on here… He looked at Geet who was still smiling when finally Sam spoke…

“Wat’s say mom…. Bataa du???”

Sam asked winking at Geet who just laughed a little seeing Maan’s lost expression!!!

“Yes, Sam otherwise tumharey papa ke maathey par wrinkles padd jaayenge sochtey sochtey and unki hair whi white ho jaayegi and trust me I don’t want him to look like sixty at the age of thirty!!!” Geet mocked Maan enjoying his still confused looks…

 Maan was so lost that he didn’t even realize when Geet taunted him!! Sam finally had pity on him and revealed the mystery!!!!

Maan saw Sam’s right hand making way towards his pocket and then slowly sliding it in it!! After a minute out came… A… An I-phone????

“Here…” Sam proudly flanked his I-phone in front of Maan who was now giving an even more confused expression if possible…

“Uff papa thish is an apple I-phone 4S!!!”

Sam exclaimed proudly and though Maan was still confused, he didn’t fail to notice that Sam’s English had once again improved!!!

“Mujhe pata hai ki what is this Sam but what does this have to do with your mystery… Wait… Above that what are you doing with an I-phone???” Maan asked getting a little agitated!!!

“Maan… let me explain… May I Sam???, and you can give your inputs wherever necessary!!”

Geet intervened knowing well that Maan’s patience was wearing out and she didn’t want Sam to rile him up any more… But she took Sam’s permission before that else she would later have another MSK to pacify… Sigh!! Her life with these MSKs of different versions was quite tough but she had now learnt to deal with them!!

 Sam nodded stiffly and calmly sat on the sofa leaving his mom to do the honors!!

Maan gestured Geet to take a seat too knowing that there was a long story here!! So why waste energy standing, they might as well get comfortable!!

Finally after settling, Geet began,

“Maan Sam ko likhna padhna abhi nahi aata, its obvious because wo abhi sorf do saal ka hai so he can’t understand alphabets let alone full sentences… Main jaanti hoon ki you got this part, actually its true ki Sam ek maths genius hai… He has some great arithmetic understanding, aur yeh bhi sach hai ki hamarey Samrat ji ka dimaag devilish cheezon mein thoda zyada chalta hai…” Geet teased Sam only to get a glare from him, not for the teasing but for addressing him as Samrat!!!

Maan muffled his chuckle and asked,

“Hmmm, par phir Sam ke paas phone kya kar raha hai, mera matlab hai, ki obviously wo messaging and all toh kar nahi sakta, kisi ko call bhi karney ke liye, ussey names read karney aaney chaiyeh, at maximum wo games khel sakta hai, par usmein bhi ussey kisi ki help chaiyeh hogi since once again he cant read so he cant operate the phone and reach till the games icon…” Maan voiced out his doubts!!

“Oyeee Sam kihi ki hep nhi leta…” Sam countered getting angry!!

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Oyeee Sam kissi ki help nahi leta…”

Okay, once again Sam’s words were broken and not clear, Maan noticed!!!

Knowing well that this discussion might soon get heated, Geet immediately started continuing…

“Haan par…”

“Pweez mamma ab me will tell…”

Sam pleaded Geet making a cute baby face, and Geet nodded in acceptance knowing that Sam was super excited to reveal this part himself!!!

“Papa, I phone 4S has a genie…”

“Genie????” Maan got confused!!

“Yesh, Genie… His name is SIRI…!!!” Sam exclaimed and finally even Maan started getting what Sam was hinting at!!!

“Ohh that means you just voice out and Siri follows your command like if you say call mumma, he will automatically connect you to Geet… “ Maan finally joined the dots!!

(Guys, Siri is a function in I-phone 4S, that follows voice commands, recognizing your voice!!)


“Okay, but phir bhi mere samjh nahi aa raha ki Sam ne yeh papers kaise samjhe, as in ussey yeh baat kaise samajh mein aayi ki yeh kya hai??? How is this realted to Siri???”

“Jee Maan but Sam ka phone thoda advanced hai, actually it’s a customized version, so it can like read documents if scanned, as in if he clicks a photo of any document and of its in a readable format, it can voice out what’s written, its has got word detection system in it!!!” Geet finally cleared!!

“Yup papa ishiliye me ne English film see kari inni saali… Slupid Siri understands only Amelican Engish!!!”

Sam made a face as he couldn’t even make a head or tail out of all those stupid Hollywood flicks he had watched during his treatment, by sneaking into Yash’s home theatre room!!! But yes, he used his basic common sense by joining the dots as he had seen those bundle of notes, which had already arisen his suspicion and when he caught the words ‘KC’ ‘Price’ ‘Rival’ ‘Singhania’ etc… He knew that paper had something in it which was not right!! His gut feeling said so…

Ruchs Translation Mode- Yup Papa isliye me ne English film see kari itni saari… Stupid Siri understand only American English!!!”

“Ohh now I get it ki tumhari English itni achchhi kaisi hai, much better than your Hindi and of course with that accent, when you never went out of India… By the way kaun kaun si ‘ENGLISH FILM’ watch kari aapne???” Maan teased Sam, not knowing he is about to get a 100 watt jahtka!!!

“Pata nhi.. ajib name thi… Mistel and misas Smith, Weathal womon aul wo kaa thi haan Boln to laise holl aul bhi kyi thi… Inni menat kalni padhi… But no plobs… Me ke two-two work ho gaye…” Sam rubbed his hands together gleefully!!!

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Pata nahi.. Ajib name thhey… Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Weather women au wo kya tha haan Born to Raise hell aur bhi kayi thhhey… Itni mehnat karni padi… But no probs… Me ke two-two kaam ho gaye…”

Maan eyes popped out listening to the names!! Oh god!!!! The first movie he mentioned was 18+ and the rest of the two were ‘R-rated’!! Hell!! Till date even he couldn’t dare to watch those movies and this boy had already watched them?? He looked at Geet but gauging from her reactions, Maan knew she was oblivious to what type of movies these were!! Maan made a mental note to check with Sam later on this topic, but before that he decided to pay Yash a visit!!! He owed him serious explanations!!! While he was mentally strangling Yash for being responsible for this mess, Geet raised a question!!!

“Sam, do kaam kaise???”

“Umm wo mumma… ya Pinks is calling me…” Sam said and rushed out of the cabin before Geet could question him any further!!!

Geet frowned but then noticing Maan’s expressions, she could guess something was troubling him, but thankfully she had no idea otherwise today would have been Yash’s last day on Mother Earth!!!

“Kya hua Maan???”

“Uhh kuchh nahi… Umm Geet Sam often stammers or his tongue rolls while speaking English too? Aisa kyon??” Maan asked diverting Geet….

“Haan wo when he is very angry or over excited, his tongue rolls and he speaks childishly…” Geet explained while Maan nodded… And then whispered softly to himself…

“Bilkul Armaan bhai ki tarah…” And a tear rolled down…


A reflection of????


Guess who gave Sam the phone???


Yup me needed to google the film names!! Had no idea about them na!!! Tell me honestly how many of you have watched the above films??

Hope I lived up to your expectations!!!


Pweeez leave your precious comments…

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Love You…


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