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 Dev was an extremely evil personality. He received sadistic pleasure in ruining people’s lives. Peoples heart wrenching sobs and painful moans were like music to his ears. He had no consideration for age; he didn’t even spare old people or mere toddlers. Recently he snatched away all the property of a sixty-year-old widow. There were no proofs against him as the very next day the widow vanished and not even a trace about her was found. He always had his cards planned very well. In short he was nothing but a pathetic excuse for human on two legs who didn’t value a life.

His next target was a young doctor who had inherited property worth millions a few days back. He knew that she was not an easy target that’s why he had to plan very carefully. What was unknown to him was that this very plan would result to his doom.

He planned a typical plan to make her fall for him, marry her, get her property and then dump her. Typical filmy gross plan. He had heard that’s she was very beautiful so he didn’t mind spending some extra moments with her. His lustful mind sniggered at this thought.

Next day he got all the official information regarding her.

NAME: Geet Handa

AGE: 22 years

WORKPLACE: Lifeline Hospital, Pali.

POST: Intern

WORKING SHIFT: Mon-Fri, night shift (10 pm to 6 am)

Next day he faked an accident and got himself admitted in Lifeline Hospital. Since he had no major injuries, he was assigned to an intern. Everything was going as per his plan till that stage.

“Now who will save you from me sweetheart?” he smirked.

But he was in for a rude shock when instead of his prey another intern walked in who seemed like a circus clown and was nowhere even close to a ward boy let alone a doctor. He was extremely shabby, he wore a multicolored loose t-shirt and his whole face was pierced, odd rings hanging all over it, thus his original facial features were indecipherable. He was dressed in blood red pants along with parrot green sneakers. His hair was up in spikes highlighted at odd places in yellow, orange, green and pink colour. In short he had a complete hippy look and seemed to have jumped out from the cover of a rock band cd. The only thing that symbolized that he was actually a doctor was the stark white doctor’s coat that seemed extremely out of place on his attire.

Hay so you are the specimen on whom I would be performing my first experiment, oops I mean whom I would be treating. By the way I am Dr. Als, short for Dr. Alok Maan Tiwari and what’s your name lab rat?” he asked Dev while fiddling with a syringe whose size was so huge that its mere glimpse would be enough to take away the living daylights of even an elephant.

What is that?” squeaked Dev, shivering with fear. He had already started cursing his so-called master plan. But he didn’t know that there was a lot more in store for him.

Hell. Don’t piss me off you lab rat. Can’t you see it is an injection? I need your blood, how else will I send it for tests you genius? Now you keep quite while I give this injection on your arm. I hate it when some one hinders my work.” He ordered in a no-nonsense tone.

But I just have some light bruises, I don’t need to undergo any test.” Dev tried to scream but it merely came out as a whisper due to fear.

He cursed himself for coming here alone and he had even lost his mobile in the so-called accident. He had planned to get closer to Geet on the pretext of a phone call and if he got lucky, he could even get a lift from her, as he knew her duty would be over in a few minutes. Now his whole plan had got haywire and he was struggling to get rid of this lunatic. He made a mental note to kill him the first thing after he escapes from this hospital.

He tried to make a run for the door before that syringe took away more than half of the blood in his entire body.

Hey, hey, hey. Where do you think you are going? I got my first case after five years of internship and I am so not leaving you easily. People say that my first case won’t be able to see another day of his life and I wanna prove them wrong after all I am trying to complete my M.B.B.S. even though it has already taken me ten years. If I succeed in curing you today then I will get my internship certificate also. He exclaimed while clutching Dev’s right hand in a death grip.

Now Dev was feeling really helpless. He screamed on the top of his lungs when the needle pierced him, or maybe made a hole in him.LOL He kept crying like a baby while Als smirked seeing his state.

Well sweetheart this was only a trailer. Now wait for the picture’s climax. Oops, I mean your main doctor.” Als murmured while giving a sly smile and went away with the blood sample, which was enough to even satisfy a vampire’s thirst.Wink

While Dev was bawling his eyes out, the doctor made her grand entry. Dev was truly surprised as before him stood the person of his prime interest for whom he had planned all this. But he was taken aback as she stood in a completely different avatar. She looked less like a multimillionaire and more like a WITCH.Ouch

Geet wore a tattered blue jeans with a blue halter top which gave a clear view to all the tattoos adorned all over her back as well as the snake belly button. She had the hairstyle, which resembled that of Bellatrix of Harry Potter. Her eyes were smudged with dark black kohl along with a contrasting shade of sparkling green eye shadow. Her whole face was dipped in heavy coating of foundation. But the most outstanding feature was the shocking orange lipstick on her lips. Like Als, she also wore multitude rings on her ears.

Oh Jesus. She looks anything but innocent. Heaven knows what she would do to me. Already that alpha beta whatever his name was punched a hole in my body. I just need to befriend her but I hope she is not… Geet interrupted Dev’s thoughts when she gave him a sweet smile and said-

Sir, please lay down so that I can give you the shock treatment. You know we have to check your brain readings to find if there is any serious brain injury or not.”LOL

Dev shrunk back in fear when two ward boys advanced towards him with ropes while Geet got the shock machine ready.

Screw the plan. I just hope I get out of here alive.” Dev thought and seemed like his prayers were answered because just then, the phone of one of the ward boys rang and he got distracted. Taking the opportunity, Dev pushed them and jumped from the window of him room. He had a nasty fall as he jumped from the window of first floor and got many bruises as well as a few broken bones. But still he dragged himself away from the mad hospital thanking the gods to have escaped alive.

“Thank you god. I promise to leave the crime world and become a saint. I will leave for Himalayas in the morning. This world has become full of mad people.Dev croaked to thanking the heavens above while truly shaken with the events of the past few hours. He didn’t even realize when he was handcuffed and taken away by the police. He was so traumatized that he even accepted all his crimes and signed his statement while still dazed.

While Dev was busy planning to become a hermit, two best friends were laughing their hearts out.

Yes, they were none other than Geet and Als. They had been well aware of his plan all along and wanted to give a taste of his own medicine to him but in their own way.

Least did he know that they were not doctors, neither was Geet a multimillionaire. All the information provided to him was false and just to capture him in their trap.

They were actually senior officials of the C.B.I. who were the best in their field, just that as Dev remarked world has gone a little MAD…!!!!



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