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Aaiynaa Part 22

Haan wo when he is very angry or over excited, his tongue rolls and he speaks childishly…” Geet explained while Maan nodded… And then whispered softly to himself…

“Bilkul Armaan bhai ki tarah…” And a tear rolled down…

Maan was transported back in time… He remembered each day clearly, the days when he led a carefree protected life under the protection of his bro…


Maan was never a responsible guy!!! He always used to take life as it came, a totally fun filled, full of life guy who loved adventure!!! His daily mischief had actually been his school teacher’s nightmares….  They never knew when they would find a live toad in their purse or when there might be a sticky on their back saying ‘AM A CERTIFIED FOOL’…

One such day…

Maan was busy formulating plans to make the new English teacher scurry away… He had been successful in packing off 2 Math teachers and 1 Social studies teacher so far in this session and he was looking forward to scare this teacher as well!!!

He was busy planning a perfect plan with his ‘Shaitan Gang’ as they were famously called; they were devising a perfect plan!! After all making a teacher run away is not a child’s play, it was damn hard work *wink*!!!

Their new prey… ahem… Their new teacher entered just then….

“Gooooodddd Mooorrrnnnniiinnnggg Maaaammmm….” All the kids sang in chorus while springing up from their seats like the typical school kids!!!

“Hmm good morning kids!! Please sit down!! I will take your introductions one by one… Before that let me introduce myself!!! I am Mrs. Rajeshwari Nilima Suryuma Vashishtha H.” The teacher sweetly introduced herself!!

The kids burst out laughing as they had heard such a long and funny name for the first time!!! Maan was damn sure that this teacher would already be a little shaken seeing the kids laughing on her but he was a little shocked when he saw the teacher standing quite unperturbed there with a sweet smile dancing on her lips!! She patiently waited for the kids to quiten down and then addressed them-

“I know kids my name sounds a little… okay maybe very long and quite funny but that’s how my parents named me… Not my fault is it??? I know you wont remember my name… Actually don’t even bother… I promise I wont ask my full name in this term’s paper… *laughs* You can all call me Nilima Ma’am… now lets start with your intros… Hmmm ya lets start from this row… Yes boy what’s your name…”

“Ma’am Rishabh Agarwal…”

Maan was actually quite impressed with the way the teacher devised the whole situation in her favour, he wouldn’t admit but he actually started liking this teacher a bit…. Maan didn’t even realize when his turn came!!!

“Okay so after Neeyati… hmmm who is that handsome boy behind her on the last bench…”

“Maan Singh Khurana…” Maan exclaimed proudly…

The teacher was shocked out of her wits, hearing the name… Her smile faltered on her face and she spluttered with great difficulty…

“Maa.. an.. Si.. ingh Kh… uraana??? You mean Arr.. maan’s brother????”

The same time in another wing

“So now its turn of the Khurana boy, am sure the Mr.-know-it-all must be knowing the answer to this question…. So tell me what is that market called in which there is a single buyer???” The teacher sneered evilly; rubbing his hands gleefully as he knew this question was way too tough for a 10th std. student!! He was smirking imaging how will he humiliate this Khurana boy now, this kid had not left any stone unturned in making his life a living hell by asking all kinds of stupid questions!!

“Sure Sir!!! There is nothing that a Khurana can’t answer…” Armaan proudly exclaimed… (Seems pride runs in Khurana’s veins, instead of blood *wink*)

” The answer is Monopsony… While a market with one seller is knowing as Monopoly and a market with a combination of only one buyer and one seller is known as Bilateral Monopoly…” Armaan gave the additional information making the whole class chuckle knowing their Armaan-o-pedia must be absolutely correct, and any doubt they had was immediately removed when the saw their akdoo teacher grimace…

“No Armaan Khurana, you are absolutely wrong, seems you don’t have your basics correct…” The teacher shook his head, shamelessly proving the correct answer to be wrong!!!

“Whattt???? But sirrr….” Armaan tried to protest but was cut off by sir…

“Don’t argue with me… Let me give you another chance… Tell me if price of a good is Rs. 12 and one person buys 800 units, what is the total market demand??”

“This one’s easy its 800 units and total revenue would be Rs. 9600…”

“Again WRONG!!! You never asked me if the market conshishted (consisted) of only one individual… what if I say it had 10 indvindal (individuals)???” The akdoo teacher added cheekily…

Armaan was not shocked as by now he was well aware of this teacher’s antics but he had seriously had enough of this lecture… Seriously this man himself knew Economics less than a pre primary kid and here he was telling him how to add basic figures??? HIM!! A KHURANA!!! Who was the unbeatable topper in social studies since last so many years, who had been deemed as ‘the world’s most promising budding economist’ by the prestigious ‘The Economist magazine’!!! Not only that for Heaven’s sake he was attributed as ‘The calculator’ in his school!! He had seriously had enough!!

“Sir!!!” He said as innocently as possible!!

“Yes…” The teacher smirked with arrogance at having shown this boy his place, lest did he know that what’s going to happen to him now!!!

“Sir, who was the father of Economics???” He quickly asked changing his game plan as he had seen the principal coming for his early rounds…

“Ehh…” The teacher was confused!! Okay, he of course didn’t expect that and anyway he didn’t know the answer in any case… Hell!! He had passed his preliminary papers as well as school by cheating from his neighbor’s copy or using chits… How was he supposed to know the answer…

“Mr. Sehgal… The boy is asking you something… Why don’t you answer…”Came the Princi’s stern voice, making the teacher jump out of his skin….

“Ahem… uhh Good Morning Sir… Class stand up for the most impotent (important) person of our school…” The teacher stuttered…

The whole school bursted out in laughter!!! While the principal stood scandalized!!! Finally after full one minute the class took pity on the poor principal!!!

“Good Morning Sir…” The whole class greeted the principal giggling…

“Good Morning Mr. Sehgal and students… So now Mr. sehgal please honour us by telling the answer..” Principal, who anyway was not very fond of this teacher, asked sarcastically…

“Yeah…. Its quite easy… he he… Its uhhh yeah… Ke.. Keynes… Umm yeah Keynes…”

“Utter crap Mr. Sehgal being an economics teacher you don’t know even this much??? Even being from science background I know the answer is Adam Smith… I seriously need to have a long talk with you.. Kindly follow me in my office… Armaan, please mind the class till the next period!!!”

Armaan nodded a little too enthusiastically, while the arrogant teacher left with the princi but not before glancing back, only to find the whole class sticking their tongues out in union!!!

That day one more teacher had to pack the bags and leave… Courtesy a Khurana… Though this time it was Armaan Khurana, while in Maan’s class, a new phase of life was about to begin or maybe some past was about to unveil???


Sam, Sam and only Sam!!!!!


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(These few lines are dedicated by me to geetsrir.maan’s FF Do Sapney!!!)


Ekk nadaan si thi ekk ladki…

Duniya jahaan se bilkul parey…

Ussey dekh rajkumaar ki rooh jagi…

Khwaabon ke maano Armaan bharey!!! 

Ussey toh rishton ki bhi thi na bhanak…

Naazon mein pali ek anchhooyi kali thi wo…

Phir bhi juda yeh rishta ek din achanak…

Khuda ne hi khud banaya yeh rishta maano… 

Par pyaar ke hotey kayi imtehaan…

Rajkumar ne har zakhan saha uskey liye…

Kyonki karta tha wo uss sey pyaar bepanhaa…

Nibhaaya haw vachan aur jo vaadey diye!!! 

Bass thhey uskey do hi sapney…

Ek mila useey uska rajkumar…

Paaye usney ussi mein sab apney…

Aur jo tha dusra…

Uss sey hum abhi bhi hai begaaney!!!!


How is it do tell me dears!!

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While everyone froze at their paces ready to bear the burnt of facing the MSK thinking he must have got to know about their goof up, Geet had the doe caught in headlight expression, she meekly turned around and just one glimpse of her super angry hubby was enough to make her tremble!!!

Geet, what the hell are you doing here???” MSK bit out while taking slow calculative steps towards his prey… Oops his little wify!!!!

Geet started taking steps back while the office that was witnessing this got confused and Sasha started getting worried!!!

“Maine tumse kuchh puchha hai Geet…” Maan exclaimed trying to keep his anger in check…

“Wo… wo … main…”

Maan, who was very angry till then suddenly felt like laughing seeing Geet stammering like Adi and getting so scared. It was true he was angry with her since she had went out even when he has strictly forbidden her and that too without telling him!!! But it was also true that he couldn’t ever stay angry with his Jaan for long!!!

He looked around and saw the whole staff was looking at them with bulging eyes….

“WHATTT the hell are you all looking at us like this???? Yahan koi tamasha nahi chal raha hai… Everyone get back to your work, I am not paying you for ogling at me and my….”

Maan was cut off by Tasha who wanted to make the most out of the angry Maan…

“MK sir, wo yeh sab iss Geet ki wajah se ho raha hai… She is wasting our time…. Jab sey aayi hai hum sab se gossip karey jaa rahi hai…. Khud toh kuchh kaam isne kabhi kara nahi aur ab hum sab ko bhi nahi karney de rahi… Aise Jaahil gawar down market logon ke paas aur kaam bhi kya hota hai… kuchh aata waata toh hai nahi bas chale aatey hain…” Tasha spoke, venom dripping out from her tongue!!!

Sasha was super shocked while Geet was immensely scared, knowing her Maan, Tasha was now gone!!!

What did you just say Tasha???” Maan asked rather calmly but only three people present there could make out that there was a storm brewing in Maan’s mind!!!

Tasha, the insolent fool thought that Maan was actually encouraging her and was just about to open her dumb mouth but before that Maan gave her the shock of the life!!!

“Miss. Tasha Singhania, Please collect your termination letter from Pinky and you may apply for the post of a sweeper or a maid at maximum at any other institution BECAUSE I WILL MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER COMPANY IN INDIA OR ABROAD DARES TO HIRE YOU!!!!” Maan blasted on Tasha scaring the living daylights out of her!!!

The whole office got dead silent even Geet stood a little shaken at Maan’s outburst!!! She knew that Maan had this angry side but she had rarely been recipient of his wrath so she got a li’l scared!!!

“But Sir main toh…” Tasha tried to retaliate but Maan was in no mood to listen…

“Do you even have an idea ki tum jiske baarey main yeh baatein kar rahi ho wo hai kaun???? She is the girl who has been the topper throughout her school life, not only that she has studied interior designing from the best designing school in London, that too on 100% scholarship!!!! She has even done masters in designing which makes her much senior to you in her designation…”

Every soul present there except Sasha had a shocked face, but Maan had not yet finished!!!

“… Sabsey badi baat do you even know who she is????” Maan spat…

“Bass Maan, jaaney dijiye….”

Oh god!! Now that was another bomb on the poor employees… No one ever dare to call their boss Maan, he was addressed as MK, Maan sir or Mr. Khurana, but no one except his Dadima and his mom (office people knew Rano ma as his mom) called him by his first name!!!

“Nahi Geet… Aaj inn sab ke liye aur khaas taur par iss aurat ke liye yeh jaan na bahut zaroori hai… Aap sab ke saamne jo khadi hain wo hai Geet Handa…. Handa industries, Khurana industries aur Khurana’s and Handa’s ki saari property ki eklauti maalkin!!!”

Okay now that was Bomb no. 2… Poor employees!! Even Geet was shocked as she didn’t know that all this was on her name, not that it mattered to her but still she had tears in her eyes knowing how much Maan loved her and believed her!!! But she was a little hurt as Maan addressed her as a Handa not Khurana… but Maan as usual didn’t leave her disappointed!!

“…. Aur sabsey badi baat, she is Mrs. Geet Maan Khurana, Maan Singh Khurana ki patni!!!!”

That was nothing less than a Hiroshima-Nagasaki bomb on the poor staff!! Tasha had already fainted, and after hearing this she almost went into coma!! Many female staff too required medical attention after getting the dreadful news that their hot hot boss, their DD was taken!!!

Maan just gave a look to Adi who immediately ordered the guards to throw the rubbish out!!! He then held Geet’s hand and dragged her in his cabin!!

Maan’s Cabin

Maan dragged Geet in the cabin and then closed the door… He turned around looking at her while crossing her hands, waiting for her to elaborate!!!

“Wo mujhe Sasha Di ka call aaya tha…”

Geet looked once at Maan’s face and then immediately began to continue…

“Wo aapke Pune waale clients ki file misplace ho gayi thi aur blue prints bhi galat nikal gaye thhey, Sasha Di ka laptop aur sabhi back up computers pata nahi kaise achanak corrupt ho gaye thhey …. Sasha Di bahut darr gayi thi issliye unhone mujhe bulaya… Wo darasal Pune waaley clients ke jo final blueprints ke liye ideas clients ko pasand aaye thhey wo mainey hi Sasha Di ko diye thhey toh unhe lagaa…”

” Toh Sasha ko lagaa ki uskey Superman ki Superwoman Doll aa kar sab theek kar degi…” Maan finished sarcastically while Geet made a baby face!!! Maan sighed and continued…

“Geet, tum kab samjhogi… Mere liye tumhari aur baies ki health se badh kar kuchh nahi hai… Tum abhi abhi hospital se… Please Geet I cant bear that again….” Maan finished almost in tears!! Geet was openly crying now, she rushed forward and hugged Maan whilst crying!!!

“Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…. Aagey sey kabhi aisa nahi hoga…. Sorry sorry…  Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…. Sorry sorry… Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…. Sorry sorry…. “

Before she could say any further Sorries, Maan shut her up by taking her petals in his mouth… After a while he left her seeing her getting breathless…. He tucked a loose tendril behind her ear; his eyes fell on the solitaire diamond MG pendant glittering on her neck, making him smile a bit!!! He softly said…

“Chalo ghar chaltey hain…”

Par Maan wo client…”

“Sigh!!! Tum maanogi nahi na… Theek hai hum iss problem ko solve kar lete hai phir challenge… Khush???”

Geet nodded happily and suggested Maan the plan she thought of!!! Maan chuckled hearing her crazy plan but nevertheless decided to give it a try!!!

“Theek hai Geet!!! Abb tum chalo main aata hoon!!!”

After Geet left, Maan made a call to Vicky whom he knew must be worried!!!

“Hello haan Vicky… Wo Geet KC main hai…”

“Whaaattt!!! But what the hell is she doing there???”

“Yeh tum apni biwi sey puchho toh better hai…”


“Haan…” Maan then told Vicky everything while Vicky boiled in anger!!!

“Oh god!! How can Sasha be so careless… Ussey toh pata hai phir bhi…”

“Leave it Vicky anyway its good iss bahaaney Geet ka mann bhi thoda change ho gaya…”

“Ya you are right!!! Par Maan tell me one thing… Tumhe kaise pata chala ki Doll kahan hai???” Vicky asked curiously while Maan smirked!!

“Vicky tumhari doll itni disaster prone hai ki mujhe uske disaster management ke liye prepared rehna padta hai…”

“What??? Stop speaking in puzzles dude!!! Tell me clearly…”

“Wo I gifted her a pendant today…”

“So??? She is your wife!! Tumhara toh farz banta hai!! You know you are lucky that Geet doesn’t demand anything nahi toh…”

“Uff you duffer!! It has a tracking device in it…”

“Hey am not duffer!! Waise great idea bro!!! Really needed for your deewani little wify!!!”

“Hmmm… Chalo we both will come back in an hour… Bye!!!”

“Bye bro… take care!!”

Maan then made another call and ordered the security guy to switch off the central air conditioning unit…. Thus KC got without AC!!!

Me wondering what is Geet’s plan???


Oops… The clients in for a rude shock!!!

Geet making Maan mad!!! Or is it the babies???

Uff lots of confusion…


Me hoping that me has no lost the touch and the update was hopefully up to your expectations dears!!

Sorry of it was not!!

Aayinaa and Kaafilaa, me will work on them tomorrow and try to uptake both within this week!!! Pakka!!


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