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Aaiynaa Part 25 A

Heya buddies!! 

Very very sorry for the extreme delay but am helpless!!  Had lots of plans to update Aaiynaa on 13 th April and celebrate it’s 1st B’day but all my plans went in drain!! Even today, me was like aaj toh kuchh type karke hi rahoongi!!! It’s a very short update!! Me will continue this part soon!!But me is confessing that until June, me cant promise anything!! But from June, am totally freee…. So me would be back in full form!!! Am bursting with ideas to move forward all my stories, and even some OS’s!!! Till then please don’t curse me!! And please pray that me is able to do well in my last sem!! Love you all!!!

PART- 25


While the Bakra ooops… Adi was being brought for sacrifice, Maan indulged in some light chats with the GUESTS… Neatly ignoring the three sharp arrow type gazes set on him… He could make out from his peripheral view that all three of them were waiting for some sort of explanation but currently he didn’t want to offer any…


“Aaah!! Here comes our Jewel…” Maan exclaimed seeing a nervous fidgeting Adi dressed up in a white kurta pyjama entering the hall with the tray of tea and snacks…


The scene looked completely like the one in the daily soaps where the girl that is the prospective bride enters with the tea and all, to serve her prospective husband and his family, when they come to see her for the first time!! The only difference was that here the groom was the one behaving like a bride!!!


“Adi aise sharmaao mat… Won’t you have a look at your BEAUTIFUL bride and the SMART-in-laws??” Maan asked Adi who seemed busy observing the pattern of the flooring while offering the tea to the nearby pillar!!


Adi slowly looked up while cursing himself… Only to get the shock of his life!! Seeing the TRIO, he nearly jumped out of his skin!! This was Maan Sir’s selection?????


Seeing Adi’s facial expression, Maan felt extremely satisfied as it proved that his plan was on the right track!! But at the same time he couldn’t help but think about the day when his expressions mirrored Adi’s!!!




Maan had finally dared to ask Geet out for a date… No.. No.. A lunch… If he calls it a date, he would be dead meat!!!


There was something in her that had made Maan fall heads over heels in love with her especially after their numerous disastrous meetings!!! Though he clearly knew that Geet was different and not someone who would swoon over the prospect of becoming The Maan Singh Khurana’s girlfriend, she would rather prefer to have a minced Maan for lunch if he got to know of his intentions!!


Maan gulped at the prospect!!! He was shivering looking at the ring in his hand… He could clearly see a big noose instead of the ring and him hanging on it while Geet… the jalladh… pulling the pulley while laughing like a witch!!!! Maan shuddered!!


“Nahi!! Nahi!! Maan bete… tere ko apni zindagi pyari nahi hai kya??? Tu aisa kuchh nahi karega… Pehle aaj taapmaan dekhtaa hoon… Phir sochoonga kya karna hai… haan yehi theek rahega!!!” Maan resolved while hiding the ring safely in his coat’s inner pocket!!!

 ….. to be continued!!!

Love you all!!

Pweez do tell me ki how is this chhotu update!!



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