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Hi friends!!!
Me know that you all are ready to fry me and hurl all jootas and chap pals for not updating my FFs since ages but me really helpless friends�. Firstly am hanging between my professional life, studies and personal problems�.. We recently had a family emergency and are now trying to bring everything to normal�. Though it will take some months and me seriously not getting enough time nor peace of my mind to sit and update… Though me trying to write a few lines now and then to conjure up an update… One of the updates is almost ready since ages but I need to brush it up before updating!! Hoping you guys would support me and wait… Am really very sorry to keep you waiting!!!!Cry

My shona aka Mel420 aka ~angelkishona~ is not well�.( me angry she didn’t even tell me�.sob sob!!!) So only for her me posting this SS me wrote a few months back�.. A little on the funny side but hoping you all will love it�.

Now enough of my bakwaas�.. LOLHere it goes�.

When the HELLS fall on HEAVEN!!!



Life had been extremely harsh on Maan. The poor guy had gone on an office trip for a week and had just received the news that his lovely fiance died in an accident. He was completely devastated and felt crestfallen. He loved her with all his life and couldn’t bear the harsh reality. He gave up on the temptation to join his lover and slit his wrist with the knife lying nearby in the fruit basket, missing the phone call of his fiance who was calling up to tell him that she was alright, by minutes.


Beautiful rainbow amidst lush greenery and breathtaking landscaping greeted his view after a few hours and he at once knew that he had reached his destination. He was escorted by some men, who looked like bouncers, to Mr. Chitragupta who used to assign heaven or hell to a person based on his or her deeds.


“Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.” One of the secretaries of Mr. Chitragupta called out aloud.


“Yes, that’s me.” Maan announced proudly and came in front.


He was escorted to a cute looking man with a heavy Santa Claus style beard balancing a large notebook on his protruding tummy and barely managing the glasses that kept on falling off his nose.


“So, Mr. Maan, before I calculate your sins and good deeds, let me ask your opinion, what would you prefer heaven or hell? Though I know the obvious answer but I still give fair chance to everyone.” Mr. Chitragupta spoke up loudly, for a man with his physique; he certainly had a loud voice.


“Sir, I don’t care whether its heaven or hell but I would be grateful to you if you could put me in the place where my love, my Geet is.”


Everyone present there was surprised with Maan’s answer.


“Oh! So you have committed suicide to join your lover? Interesting. But I am really sorry to inform you that your sacrifice has gone waste as your love, your fiance, Miss Geet, is very much alive and breathing on earth!!” Mr. Chitragupta informed him.


“WHAT? It’s not possible, there must be some mistake, please check your records once again.” Maan pleaded dreading what will he do if this piece of information turns out to be true.


“Its true Mr. Maan. Now we would be shifting you to” Mr. Chitragupta tried to announce but was interrupted by the man whom he pitied mentally.


“NO. NO. NO. If my Geet is down there, send me back too. RIGHT NOW!” Maan spoke up angrily.


“Well I guess nothing much can be done in this matter so if you could please co-operate we�”


Once again Mr. Chitragupta was disturbed but this time by one of his announcers, who came running to him, panting heavily.


“Sir. Sir. I am sorry to interrupt like this but we have another person here and she demands to see you immediately. When we requested her to wait, she shouted so loudly that all the glasses of the waiting house have shattered. As if that was not enough, she pulled out the receptionist’s hair so badly that she has got bald patches so I had to bring her here before she did any more damage.”


“What??? Which girl has this audacity???? Bring her here immediately” Mr. Chitragupta ordered!!!


Maan too was getting confused but then he felt the familiar gust of wind, those violins playing in background… The sweet smell of roses…But how is that possible???? Geet was… And when he looked in that direction, he was rendered shocked!!!


There stood a very livid… None other than his Sherni… GEET!!!!


�.To be continued!!!


So buddies!! How was it????

Me hoping you all liked it!!!Embarrassed

Mel, Shona!! Hoping now you are happy that me started writing once again!!!Embarrassed Pweez get well soon!!!

Will try to update this one super soon!! EmbarrassedThough am sure my intelligent friends already know what is going to happen now!! He he!!!LOL

Please do leave your comments and let me know how it was!!!Embarrassed


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