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Aaiynaa Part 26

PART – 26


Maan just shook his head while a smile teased his lips as he remembered that super wacky moment. But along with happiness accompanies sadness, he couldn’t help feeling sad thinking about Ved and Armaan. He got control over his feelings and looked ahead at the Oscar-winning scene unfolding before him. Well, all thoughts could rest aside, right now this was not worth missing out!


“So Adi slurp Beta, chomp tell me chomp what are yourrr slurp hobbies?” Mr Saudagar questioned with a mouthful of laddoos.


“Alley Adi unkle shalmao mat. Tell na.” Sam encouraged Adi while giving him a pat on the back.


“Wo, jee he he he, zyada kuchh karne ka time nahi hota, he he he.” Adi managed to croak out nervously.


“ADDIII, you mean to say ki main tumhe overwork karta hoon?” Maan asked him sternly while showing his glaring eyes.


“Nahi. He he. No sirrrr. He he he.” Poor Adi said while he ACCIDENTLY looked at Nishi who was battling her BEAUTIFUL eyelids at him, making a pathetic attempt to blush! Poor Adi literally jumped out of his skin.


“Alley Adi unkle toh bolte hi nahi. Inhe shab ghal ka kaam ataa hai, wok a kehte hai glah kaalya….” Sam tried to think hard.


“Grah kaarya mein daksh! Ekdum sarv gunn sampann!!” Dadi offered getting excited showing off her daily soap knowledge but mellowed down immediately seeing Geet and Pinky’s murderous gaze!


“Ummm if you guys don’t mind can me and Adi spend some time ALONE!!” Suggested Nishi seductively in her ummm not so sweet voice, while running her hand over Adi’s thigh making him clutch his shirt trying to protect his izzat!!!


“NAHIIIIII” “Yes Of course.” Pinky and Maan said at the same time. Maan quirked his eyebrow.


“What happened Pinky? Any problem?” Maan questioned as sternly as he could.


Poor Pinky flustered but then one look at Adi and then at Nishi and she got her confidence back!


“Sir, yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti.” Pinky announced with a finality.


“Ji Sirr. He he he. Main bhi yahi kehna chahta tha. He he he.” Adi too said nervously while distancing himself from Nishi’s not so innocent hands!


“And may we know why?” Maan questioned.


Now again Pinky’s confidence flew out of the window and she looked at Geet for help who was about to intervene but Sam interrupted before that!


“Alley whyyyyyyy??? See Nisi and Adi unkle look palfect togethel. Made fol each othel. Haaye seems Nisi ko to Adi unkle se love at farst sight ho gaya! Inka bas chale toh abhi hi suhag laat ho jaaye.” Adi added fuel to the fire while everyone’s eyes popped out listening to him, including Maan’s!


“NOOOOOOOOOO! Main yeh shaadi nahi kar sakta! Kyunki main Pinky se pyaar kartha hoon. I LOVE HER!!!!” Adi shouted!!!


Adi and Pinky shared a cute eyelock, while Maan and Sam high-fived.


“Ohhh toh yeh aap dono ki mili bhagat hai?” Geet narrowed her eyes looking at them while keeping a hand on her hip.


“Of course. Nahi toh inn dono ka bass chalta toh to ho gaya tha kaam.” Maan smirked.


“But the Saudagars?” Dadi asked still a little confused. Even Adi, Pinky and Geet looked at him.


“Ohh yeh. Mr. Saudagar is Jagdish, a stage artist.” Maan announced while Jagdish took a bow.


“But we had a problem when we got two artists less so we kind of arranged.” Said Maan winking while at the same time removing Mrs. Saudagar’s ghunghat!


And there stood- YASH!!! Grinning sheepishly!


“Ummm. Hi guys. And uh, congrats Adi and Pinky.” Yash said!


“And abb tel who ish Nishi??” This time Sam questioned everyone.


Everyone looked at him hard and the Dadi shouted shocked.


“Oh My God! DEV???” Dadima shouted while hugging the life out of him and wiping tears of happiness, in true melodrama style!


“Gosh Dadi! Main koi jung thodi na jeet kar aaya hun? Please stop it!” He said feeling awkward!


But amongst this, one person was quite confused and in deep thought. Something was not correct.



Who is Dev?


Note- Guys Ved Singh Khurana and Dev are two different people. And it was Ved who had gone on a date with Geet.

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