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Aaiynaa Part 29

Dadi had decided that Pinky and Adi should be married within a week. When Adi had tried to protest meekly, she said- “Who knows if some calamity happens if they postpone the wedding? The groom could have an accident and he may get absconding for months or years with a changed face or maybe the bride’s hidden childhood husband may appear out of thin air!!! No, No!! “Chat Mangni Patt Byah” was the best option!!!” (Ruchs wondering- Our Melodramatic Dadima is back!!!!)

While Yash and Dev were grinning widely seeing the almost crying faces of Adi and Pinky seeing Dadi’s craziness, our dear Sam was getting bored. Now when this mission was accomplished, he needed another one to keep him busy!

“How boring! Me abb kya kaley? Me ka work here is over. Ummm…. Yeh mom-dad misshing misshing!! Hmmm… Lemme see!!” He thought to himself making his way towards Maan’s room!


Maan was standing amongst their terrace garden. There was a beautiful dome covered with vines of money plant and some beautiful white flowers at one corner of the terrace. And beyond that there were patches full of all variety of roses, orchids, lilies, chrysanthemums and many other beautiful flowers. This was one place where Maan usually found answers to all his questions. And why not, this was the place where he could feel his best friend, his partner in crime, Nandini!!

“Uff tu yahan purey din baith ke karti kya rehti hai? Chal na, ekk bahut achchha bowling club khula hai paas mein, deh kar aatey hai…” Maan offered Nandini while almost dragging her, making her drop her packet of seeds in the process.

“You idiot! Dekh tuney kya kiya? Abb yeh galat flower ugg jayenge na mere roses ki jagah par!!!” Nandini scowled at him while hitting him with the spade!

“Owwwww!! Tu pagal hai kya? Itni zor se lagi!” Maan grumbled while rubbing his shoulder.

“Awwww… Lagi mere baby ko?”

Maan pouted his face and nodded, earning another whack from Nandini.

“Toh Achchha hua, abb bhaag yaha se…” Nandini grumbled getting back to work on those tiny saplings.

“Yaar pichhle teen mahino se tu purey time iss terrace garden ko bananey mein lagi hui hai… We can always get someone to do it agar tujhey yeh itna chaiyeh to, tu kyun itni mehnat kar rahi hai?” Maan asked the question for the hundredth time, and got the same answer like all times.

“Jab hum kisi kaam ko bahut pyaar se kartey hain, to wahan hamara ek ehsaas chha jaata hai. Tu abhi nahi samjhega, but one day you will know!” Nandini whispered, again getting lost in her little personal heaven, as she called!

Maan realized how true her words were on the day he lost her. Since that day, this place offered him peace and never disappointed him whenever he needed her. He was still relishing the peaceful feeling, when one of the pots of roses fell down due a gust of wind.

“Arrey yeh kaise tut gaya?” Maan bent down to collect the remnant for planting in a different pot, when his eyes fell on a piece of paper. Being curious, he picked it out, dusted it off and gently opened it.

“Thanks Nandu. You did it yet again!” Maan whispered with tears in his eyes.

At some Cafe

Geet was sitting in one corner sipping chilled water, while her thoughts kept wandering off to her past. Today, she had to finalize her apartment but her mind was just not co-operating with her. Taking a deep sigh, she decided to finally open up with Maan. Today if there was someone she trusted even more than herself, it was Maan. She had already trusted him with her life, their Sam, and now, it was time to trust him with her past!

She picked up her phone to call Maan when suddenly the phone started ringing.

“Yeh toh Bangalore ka number lagta hai. Par waha se abb mujhe kaun call karega?” She frowned, but nevertheless picked up the call.


Unknown- “Am I talking to Miss. Geet Handa?”

“Yes, this is Geet.”

Unknown- “If I am correct then you resided in XXXXX orphanage some years ago?”

“Yes, that’s right. But may I know who is this?”

Unknown- “My child, I am Mother Breganza from XXXXX orphanage, actually I found your this number from one of my colleagues, Sister Neema whom you apparently met last year.”

“Good evening Mother.”

Mother- “God bless you my child. Actually I called up to tell you that we were renovating our orphanage when we found this old trinket box with your name and date of birth engraved on it. So, when I got your number I though if you could tell me your address, I will courier it to you.”

“Really mother? That would be so kind of you if you could do that!” Geet exclaimed getting happy to know about that box. It really had lots of her memories associated with it.

Mother- “My child, I understand how much every small memory means to our children. Tell me dear, where should I courier it.”

Geet thought for a while then told her the address of Khurana Mansion.

Mother- “Okay dear! Hopefully you will get your belongings in a few days! God bless you my child.”

“Thank you mother.”

Destiny was just weaving its web to bring back the past buried in the files of some hospitals and police stations. But with what intensity will this past affect everyone’s life, is yet to be seen.


A Nightmare!


Since everyone wanted to see Sam so much, me gave him a special appearance in the update!!

Within I guess 2-3 updates, at least one of the mysteries will solve!!

Hope you all are enjoying dears!!




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