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Aaiynaa Part 23

Armaan was considered to be the prankster yet the brainy one among him and Maan… In fact, even Maan agreed on it, hands down, that his bro was way smarter than him… But there were two things in which Maan was better than his bro- one well… lets leave it for now!! The second was making other’s life hell!!!!


The teacher was shocked out of her wits, hearing the name… Her smile faltered on her face and she spluttered with great difficulty…

“Maa.. an.. Si.. ingh Kh… uraana??? You mean Arr.. maan’s brother????”

Maan smirked thinking that the teacher was stuttering maybe because of the ‘Details’ the other teachers must have told her about his ‘Achievements’!!!

“Yes Ma’am though my name Maan has only one M followed by two A’s and then an N, The same issue was with my surname… Though don’t worry, I will give you an autograph, then surely you will remember my name Ma’am, you see hot girls have a tendency to forget the names of Hot GUYS like MEEE!!!” Said Maan and winked at the girls sitting in first row, who giggled while the whole class was barely controlling their laughter!!!

But Mrs. Rajeshwari was currently unable to hear anything, her whole concentration was trained on Maan’s face!!! She had already met Armaan yesterday and had a tearful reunion with him, but seeing Maan today after so many years made her feel nostalgic… When she had seen him last time, he was barely a few months old!!!

Maan got a little confused when he saw the teacher not responding at all!! Hell!! Last few times he had attempted such cheesy lines at a new teacher, he had been immediately thrown out of the class and onve he was even dragged to the princi’s cabin… But no reaction for so long… was confusing him!!!

Even the class noticed something amiss with their Ma’am and started chattering amongst themselves… The sound brought back Mrs. Rajeshwari to the present… she somehow composed herself and told a little sternly!!

“ENOUGH!! M.. Maan come with me!!” She managed to say and almost ran away without uttering anything else!!!

The class cheered Maan while Maan left with his head held a little too high as if going for his crowning ceremony after winning a battle!! Though, undoubtedly that meeting with Mrs. Rajeshwari turned out be a little surprise to Maan!!



Maan was brought out of his memories when he heard a loud crashing sound!!! He was a little disoriented due to all that travel to his past memories, so it took him a few minutes to make out where he was actually… After a while he realized that he was in his own cabin alone… WAIT ALONE??? Where was Geet???

He checked the washroom as well as the little room attached to his cabin but didn’t find her, so he moved out of his cabin, only to get informed that Geet and Sam along with Adi and Pinky were in the pantry!!! He wondered what these were upto and decided to check!!!


“Saa.. mm.. Sii.. rr!!” Stuttered Adi getting scared of the mini version of his Hitler boss!!

“Adi unkle!!! Aap ko inni si baat nahi aayi??? Hey babji ye kaishe log hai iss offish mai???” Sam spoke looking at the ceiling, making the whole pantry staff look up wondering whom was he talking to???

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Adi uncle!!! Aap ko itni si baat nahi aayi??? Hey babaji ye kaise log hai iss office mein???

“Sam yeh aap kya kar rahey hai?? You can’t bully you Papa’s employees like this na!!!” Geet admonished her naughty son!!

“Uff mamaa! Me to shilf Adi unkle ko tlainig de laha hu! Ab he shud undelstand thish much na… Haina Pinks???” Sam asked a giggling Pinky who just nodded her head muffling her laughter!!

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Uff mumma! Me to sirf Adi uncle ko training de raha hu! Ab he should understand this much na… Haina Pinks???”

Poor Adi was just about to cry, but guess he was in for some more torture!!!

“Alley abb jaldi shey show evelyone aapki cooking shkillsh!!!” Sam motivated a poor Adi!!

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Arrey abb jaldi de show everyone aapki cooking skills!!!”

That was when Maan noticed that actually Adi was standing in front of an electric gas stove trying to cook something… Wait was that MAGGI???

Maan was about to intervene but then he happened to get a glimpse of the eye signals between Pinky and Sam and he could easily guess something Fishy was happening!!! So he decided to wait…

“Uff alley aul pani dalo…”

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Uff arrey aur paani daalo”

“Offo Adi sir dekhiye ek bachchey ko appsey zyada achchha Maggi banana aata hai… Shame on you…” Pinky mocked him!!

“Adi sir mujhey toh yeh samajh nahi aata ki aap ghar par khana kaise banaatey hogey!!” The head cook couldn’t help but express her shock seeing the mess made by Adi!!

“Uff Adi sir aapney yeh stupid sa cooking challenge liya hi kyun??? And Sam why are you troubling Adi sir!! If you want to eat Maggi, you can tell me also na?? Adi sir ko office mein kitna kaam karna hoga…” Geet chided Sam…

“Alle mamaa… Adi unkle offish ka kaam kal lenge… Pal yeh kaam anee bhi jaluli hai…” Sam explained to his mother while gesturing something with his eyes!!

Ruchs TranslationMode – “Arrey mumma… Adi uncle office ka kaam kar lengey… Par yeh kaam aana bhi zaroori hai…”

Even Geet by now understood something actually was happening so she decided to play along!!

“Adi sir mere khyaal sey aapko na jaldi sey shaadi kar leni chaiyeh!!” Geet said innocently!!

“Sh… sh… shaa.. di???” Adi spluttered while the spatula form his hand fell down!!!

“Jee Adi sir!! In fact mere na ekk bahut khaas jaan ne waale hain… If you say aapko unsey milwaa doon??” Pinky blinked her eyelashes innocently!!!

“Yeh ho kya raha hai???” Maan asked while leaning on the doorframe casually…

Everyone got on immediate alert and looked at each other giving ‘A-two-year-old-caught-doing-mischief- red-handed’ expression while the two year old present there moved ahead to answer…

“Wo ham shab Adi unkle ki saadi fiksh kal lahey hai…” Sam spoke as if telling about the most obvious thing in the world…

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Wo hum sab Adi uncle ki shaadi fix kar rahey hai…”

“Ohh Toh Adi tum ladki waalon ko dekhne ja rahey ho ya ladki waaley tumhe dekhney aa rahey hain???” Maan asked as seriously as possible!!


“Leave it tum toh kuchh na hi bolo toh theek hai… I guess it’s really needed to get you married off as soon as possible… So it’s done I have a girl in my mind… Ummm… Actually perfect for you… Toh tum hamarey saath KM chalo… Wahi par hum ladki waalon ko TUMHE DEKHNE KE LIYE bula letey hain… Okay… So we are leaving in five minutes… Am waiting in car come fast!!” Maan declared and started walking away…

“Umm Actually Sam you come with me… Baaki sab driver ke saath aa jayenge…” Maan picked up Sam and went away leaving everyone in shock!!


Prankster Maan back in action!

But oh teri!! Iss baar to Jr. Maan bhi hai!!!


Today’s update, me has no idea… Am not feeling well…  Actually screen is seeming blurred to me so me frankly doesn’t know if update is good!! Sorry in advance if it isn’t…


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Kaafilaa Part 9

While having the ‘Shaahi Bath’ Maan arranged for her, Geet truly felt super happy… She had seen such arrangements in only films and secretly had always dreamt of it, seems her dream man was hell bent on making all her dreams true!!! Just the thought of Maan made her cheeks warm, slowly she just relaxed and let the feeling of warm water and soothing fragrance take over her senses!!!

After a few minutes, slow music started playing in the background making Geet startled… She looked around trying to locate the source of the music, she was about to step out of the bathtub when two warm hands held her shoulders from behind… A shocked Geet was about to shout but when those slender hands started massaging her back, she recognized the touch instantly!!! She turned her head to look at him questioningly but Maan didn’t let her turn…

“Shhh… Just relax Jaan let me pamper you…” Maan purred in her ears, making her squirm all the more!!!

Geet was about to protest but then the sinful hands started their work, she involuntary sighed and her body just relaxed!!!

Maan’s expert hands just pressed all the points on her neck and spine at just the right places, while the sensuous scent of the oil just added to the effect!!! Geet just felt as of she was in heaven…

“Enjoying sweetheart???” Maan questioned her lovingly already knowing the answer, as all her reactions were clearly exhibiting how much she was enjoying!!!

“Hmmm…” Geet could just let out a moan as the magical hands slowly travelled up the spine releasing all her tired knots on the way!!!

Maan removed his hands for a while making Geet whimper…


“Just a second Jaan…” Maan cooed his impatient Jaan while dabbing the next set of oils in his palm and applying it gently on her soft sensitive scalp…

Geet couldn’t help but shudder as the cool oil slowly spread throughout her hair!!! Maan slowly massaged her scalp in soft circles making Geet relax completely!!! Geet slowly felt herself slipping into a relaxed semi consciousness state while Maan continued his work…

Geet mind was completely relaxed and all this pampering made her drift to the painful memories of the last few days, when her savior, her Maan was not with her…


It has been two days since she was kept captive in this god-forsaken place… Though her hands and legs were tied while she was blindfolded as well, but she could still make out she was in some sort of an isolated place that maybe had burnt recently as the she could smell burnt rubber….

The sounds she heard around her were almost minimal, barring occasional shuffling of feet when one of those kidnappers came to check on her. She could once in a while feel soft brushing up of mice scurrying around against her feet making her shudder… The smell of burnt scarp made her feel like puking, in fact she would have puked at least 10 times till now but it was impossible on an empty stomach… Yes! She not even a single morsel of food had gone in her stomach since last 3 days, since she was kidnapped!!!

Occasionally one of the kidnappers used to come and pierce an injection on her hand to make her unconscious or to make her drink some water before injecting that drug but that was it!!! Geet was not the one to wallow in self-pity, she was a strong girl and had her senses on alert when she gained consciousness, and she had tried tugging the ropes on her wrist to loosen them or anything that might let her escape… But three days had went by and she was growing weak… Slowly she was loosing the spirit… She couldn’t help but think about her Maan-

Aaj chali main ek iss raah par…

Na koi manzil, na koi hai dar…

Bas sochoon aaj main yeh…

Kaafila ka yeh rukh mohey kahaan le jaave???

Zindagi ki yeh dor kab kahaan tham jaaye???

O saiyaara tere dil ki kya dua hai???

O saiyaara tohey kya abb hua hai??

Bas yeh soch hui main yahaan shamil…

Ki khuda hai Kaafiley ki manzil!!!

Par kya pata tha yeh mujhe…

Ki bas khatam aaj samaa hai…

O saiyaara tere dil ki kya dua hai???

O saiyaara tohey kya abb hua hai???  

She came out of her thoughts when she heard the door creaking, as one of the kidnappers entered… The shuffling of feet got closer to her…. From the sound of footsteps she could make out that there were at least more than two people here… To be on safe side, she pretended to be still unconscious…

“Lagtaa hai ladki abhi bhi behosh hai…” the first person checked on her and concluded….

“Achchhaa hai… Waise zyada overdose mat dena… Marni nahi chaiyeh ye…” The second person warned…

Oh god!! Geet was actually able to make out who this person was, though she had her fingers crossed hoping that she was wrong!!!

“Marr bhi jaaye toh kya farak padta hai…” The third person spat…

No! No! No!! It can’t be… Geet’s mind screamed!!!

“Nahi abhi ye marni nahi chaiyeh…Abhi hamara kaam pura nahi hua hai… Kaam pura hine ke baad tum khud jaise chaaho waise issey maar sakti ho…”Person 2 consoled person 3…

“Ha ha ha haha!! Bilkul… issey toh main tadpa tadpa kar maaroongi…”Person 3 started laughing maniacally!!!

“Sahib waise iss ladki ke khaane ka kuchh bandobast karna padega,… nahi toh yeh zyada din tak nahi tik paayegi…” Person 1 told the other persons!!!

“Theek hai yeh lo kuchh paise… abb hum chaltey hain… Kuchh bhi baat ho toh mujhe call kar dena…” Person 2 handed out a few 100-rupee notes to person 1…

“Chaliye Mohinder Ji…” Person 3 exclaimed!!!


Arrey!!! Maan’s surprise is still incomplete!!!


Smart Maan to find out something!!!


Okies!! Now me feeling great after days after writing the TWISHHHT!! Hope you liked it too dears!! he eh eh!!! 

Awww those who aren’t very happy, trust me dears, you are gonna love the twist!!!

Hope the spa portion was good!! 

Hope you all felt Geet’s pain dears!! Me actually was clueless how to write Geet’s situation!! hope me did justice!!!


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Twisty Deewangi Part 57

Maan then made another call and ordered the security guy to switch off the central air conditioning unit…. Thus KC got without AC!!!

KC’s Conference Room

Geet, Sasha and Adi were busy arranging for THE meeting, while the other team members were staring at them as if they have all grown two heads!!! The ruckus… ahem… ahem… The environment that was created in the room spoke volumes in itself!!! Though for some normal human being, it seemed like a… well there were actually no words to describe the ambience set up!!!

A loud gasp made everyone look at the door, only to witness the priceless flabbergasted expressions of their boss!!

Maan kept looking at the… err… room which one upon a time used to be his prized conference hall!!! He had truly underestimated his little wify’s talent… She truly held the power to completely transform the whole room into something unimaginable in minutes… Truly she would make the most successful interior designer one-day!!! His eyes met his little wify and he smirked seeing the hazels poled with mischief… Just then the intercom rang and Maan recovered to answer it…


“Hello Sir, wo security just called, they have come…”

“Hmmm… Send someone to escort them in Pinky… Aaah wait, actually on second thoughts let them get here on their own…” Maan finished smirking!!!

“Uh… okay sir, I will inform the security…”


Maan disconnected the call only to see the questioning looks of everyone prenest, including Geet… He specifically held Geet’s gaze, avoiding everyone else while his eyes clearly told her… What??? Even I am entitled to have some fun na??”

Geet just shook her head…

“Its all done Geet… Hope our plan works…” Sasha exclaimed while shaking with anxiety…

“Relax Sasha, Frankly even if it doesn’t work, I care less… Anyway this plan will definitely solve my purpose of not anything else…”

No one actually understood what actually Maan meant; even Geet couldn’t quite understand what was he up to… But she had better things to care of so she ignored it…


Pinky again called Maan to inform them that the poor clients had finally reached the floor and were currently gulping down glasses… Uhh actually bottles of water… Maan just grinned mentally, imagining them, after all the poor souls would definitely need water, they had just climbed stairs of 18 floors to reach here as the lift was apparently NOT WORKING!!! (Me thinking… Devil Maan!!! Poor guys though am wondering why Maan did this with them??? Him, the MSK, utter professional, behaving like this with his prospective clients??? Why???)

The clients finally entered the cabin making Geet gasp!!! Now she understood everything!!!

“Welcome Mr. Sehgal and Mr. Rathore… hope your journey till HERE was confortable!!!” Maan asked the drained souls innocently, while shaking hands with them!!!

“Huff.. Uhh… yeah… Don’t be so formal Maan, after all we are school mates, so lets be on first name basis!!”

Maan clenched his fist remembering the things these two did at school, when he was a nobody!! How they left no stone unturned to make his life a living hell!!! How he talked all those rubbish things about his Geet!!!

Yup, these were none other than his PEERS!!




Hope the update made you at least smile dears!!


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