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Hi friends!!!

As I made the post, me having my master’s exams which were apparently going to end today but due to RAS exams now my exams are going to end on 3rd now!! Sigh!!! 

But I finally took off time and here is presenting you a Teaser!!!

Hope you all will like it!!! 


“Chalo aaj main tumhe khilaaungaa MSK’s special a-la-arabiata Pasta!! Allow me to serve you toady ma’am!!” Maan exclaimed while bowing down in truly gentleman-chef-style!!!

“Sachchi???? Areey waah aap yeh bhi jaantey ho??? I love you love you love you soooooo much!!!” Geet exclaimed while jumping up and down and hugged Maan sweeping him off to his la-la land!!!!


“Chalo chalo jaldi!!! Babies ko bhook lagi hai!!!” Geet cutely pouted while rubbing her swollen belly, making Maan go Awwww!!!

Maan made Geet sit on the slab and offered her a washed carrot to eat while he made the pasta!!!

Maan started chopping the vegetables while Madam Geet was busy munching all the chopped tomatoes!!!

“Mujhe bhi bataao na aap kya kar rahe ho!!! Phir mujhe bhi karna hai…” Geet asked when she saw Maan standing in front of the oil slab and picking up one particular bottle!!!

“Tum to aise bol rahi ho jaise tumhe cooking aati hi nahi…” Maan said rolling his eyes at her antics!! Though his heart was doing a bhangra as he was slowly getting his old jaan back!!! The way they used to make their ‘Miss U’ cake reeled at the back of his mind!!!

“Aaati hai par aapki waali nahi…. Mujhe aapki waali seekhni hai… Bataiye na!!!” Geet urged…

Maan knew that if he doesn’t quench Geet’s queries, he would be doomed!! But he also had to finish making the pasta fast as it was time for her medicines and she had not eaten her lunch yet!!!

“Uhh Geet we should start from basics!! Chalo tell me the names of all the oils present there…” Maan spoke to divert her attention, while he doubled his speed of work!!!

“That’s easy… Soya bean oil, mustard oil aur who red bottle mein olive oil, par woh chhota walaa kya hai wo nahi pata…. Mian dekhti hoon…” said Geet while trying to get down from the counter… Maan stopped her in nick of time lest she falls down…

“Rehney do… Main batata hoon… That is rapeseed oil… Maan spoke while eating a bite of pasta to check whether it had boiled properly or not…

“KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Geet gave her million dollar shocked walaaa face and shouted making Maan choke on his Pasta in shock….

“Abb kya hua Geet???” Asked Maan, though inside he had this intuition that a very dicey question was coming his way!!!


“Uhh Maan, bichare seed ka Rape kisney kiya????” Geet asked tears brimming in her eyes, feeling bad for the seed!!!

Poor Maan!!! Finally he was left SPEECHLESS!!!


Hope you all loved it!! He he!!!

A looooong Teaser for all my lovely friends who left such lovely comments for me!!! And have been waiting so patiently for me!!!!

Love you all

See you on 5th June!!!!



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