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As I made the post, me having my master’s exams which were apparently going to end today but due to RAS exams now my exams are going to end on 3rd now!! Sigh!!! 

But I finally took off time and here is presenting you a Teaser!!!

Hope you all will like it!!! 


“Chalo aaj main tumhe khilaaungaa MSK’s special a-la-arabiata Pasta!! Allow me to serve you toady ma’am!!” Maan exclaimed while bowing down in truly gentleman-chef-style!!!

“Sachchi???? Areey waah aap yeh bhi jaantey ho??? I love you love you love you soooooo much!!!” Geet exclaimed while jumping up and down and hugged Maan sweeping him off to his la-la land!!!!


“Chalo chalo jaldi!!! Babies ko bhook lagi hai!!!” Geet cutely pouted while rubbing her swollen belly, making Maan go Awwww!!!

Maan made Geet sit on the slab and offered her a washed carrot to eat while he made the pasta!!!

Maan started chopping the vegetables while Madam Geet was busy munching all the chopped tomatoes!!!

“Mujhe bhi bataao na aap kya kar rahe ho!!! Phir mujhe bhi karna hai…” Geet asked when she saw Maan standing in front of the oil slab and picking up one particular bottle!!!

“Tum to aise bol rahi ho jaise tumhe cooking aati hi nahi…” Maan said rolling his eyes at her antics!! Though his heart was doing a bhangra as he was slowly getting his old jaan back!!! The way they used to make their ‘Miss U’ cake reeled at the back of his mind!!!

“Aaati hai par aapki waali nahi…. Mujhe aapki waali seekhni hai… Bataiye na!!!” Geet urged…

Maan knew that if he doesn’t quench Geet’s queries, he would be doomed!! But he also had to finish making the pasta fast as it was time for her medicines and she had not eaten her lunch yet!!!

“Uhh Geet we should start from basics!! Chalo tell me the names of all the oils present there…” Maan spoke to divert her attention, while he doubled his speed of work!!!

“That’s easy… Soya bean oil, mustard oil aur who red bottle mein olive oil, par woh chhota walaa kya hai wo nahi pata…. Mian dekhti hoon…” said Geet while trying to get down from the counter… Maan stopped her in nick of time lest she falls down…

“Rehney do… Main batata hoon… That is rapeseed oil… Maan spoke while eating a bite of pasta to check whether it had boiled properly or not…

“KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Geet gave her million dollar shocked walaaa face and shouted making Maan choke on his Pasta in shock….

“Abb kya hua Geet???” Asked Maan, though inside he had this intuition that a very dicey question was coming his way!!!


“Uhh Maan, bichare seed ka Rape kisney kiya????” Geet asked tears brimming in her eyes, feeling bad for the seed!!!

Poor Maan!!! Finally he was left SPEECHLESS!!!


Hope you all loved it!! He he!!!

A looooong Teaser for all my lovely friends who left such lovely comments for me!!! And have been waiting so patiently for me!!!!

Love you all

See you on 5th June!!!!



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PART 58 (A and B)


“Huff.. Uhh… yeah… Don’t be so formal Maan, after all we are school mates, so lets be on first name basis!!”

Maan clenched his fist remembering the things these two did at school, when he was a nobody!! How they left no stone unturned to make his life a living hell!!! How he talked all those rubbish things about his Geet!!!

Yup, these were none other than his PEERS!

“Hope you haven’t forgotten us….” Mr. Rathore said while giving a friendly pat on Maan’s back!!!

Oops!! Wrong move!! He was awarded with a well-deserved angry glare enough to make him shiver!! That silly smirk was immediately wiped off from his face!!

“How I wish…” Maan though ruefully… How much he wished to forget those dark memories but as they say some memories good and bad get engraved in the heart and unfortunately for these two idiots, this one was engraved deep down in Maan’s heart…

“Ummm… Should we start the presentation???” Geet asked meekly seeing the atmosphere taking a sharp turn…

Everyone’s attention was diverted to Geet, Maan clearly noticed she was getting uncomfortable so was about to say something but before that he was interrupted by something… or rather someone…

“Miss… Umm have we met before???” The Sehgal guy drawled genuinely trying to remember the seemingly known face!!

“Uff Ritwik tu bhi na… Kitni purani line se chance maar raha hai… Aisey Maal ko paaney ke liye thodi class chaiyeh…” The Rathore guy whispered in his pal’s ears while eyeing Geet with lustful gaze from top to bottom… Though Maan clearly heard as well as saw what he was doing and was just about to grab these two when… 

“Hi Gorgeous!!! I am Arihant Rathore… The FAMOUS business tycoon…” He introduced himself while reaching for Geet’s hand who stood transfixed, taken aback!!!

But before he could reach Geet’s hand… Or even before Maan could retaliate, our Gundi Sasha worked her magic!!!

“Aaahhh” Arihant shouted, as he was drenched from front with burning hot tea….

“Ooops Sorry…” Drawled Sasha rolling her eyes though her tone clearly implied she was not at all sorry!!

Ritwik, his co-dealer got genuinely concerned as he checked for any injuries… Which apparently seemed to be first degree and second degree burns…

“Well Mr. Arihant and Ritwik am a very busy person… And really cant afford to waste time like this… So we should better finish with the meeting FAST!!”Maan said with no emotions though his hands were itching to strangle these two…

“But Maan Arihant has got burns…” Ritwik tried to protest…

“Am not interested in anyone’s sob stories… For me time is money and even if there is an earthquake or Tsunami, I damn care…” Maan cleared!

“Its aah…. because of your ooh… employee and you are…” Arihant spat only to be interrupted by Maan…

So?? She said sorry… Miss. Sasha please start with the presentation…” Maan declared and sat on the seat clearly making it clear to the two to either sit or leave!!!

Arihant and Ritwik knew how important this deal was for their company and loosing this deal meant that they would be finished in this business!! So they sat down, though Arihant was now busy tending to his wounds rather than ogling at Geet, which satisfied Maan and he mouthed a silent Thank You to Sasha, who just gave him a The-Idiot-Rascal-Deserved-It look!!!

The lights turned off and Sasha started, though with much more spirit as she wanted to show these Idiots what KC is actually!!!                                                                                 

“So Sar dard… Ohh sorry I mean Sirs, on behalf of KC, I would be presenting you the basic idea for your proposed mall near the Highway located in Simgara Village…”


PART – 58 B

Sasha signaled Adi and the lights of the conference hall (lit by the generator) dimmed… 

“… As we all know this mall is going to be located in a reasonably isolated area as there are hardly any people residing nearby, there are no hotels in the near vicinity too, in fact its almost rare to find even a dhaba!!! This is where we aim to benefit, as this mall would be constructed in such a way that it provides as a rest place, rejuvenating all the tired souls driving on the highway from hours… A one stop favorite for all types of age groups, but at the same time it would merge with its surrounding environment!!!” Sasha continued in a confident tone!!

“Umm… We are not interested in you foreplay stories Miss… Where are the designs and blueprints??? We are certified people and can understand the things ourselves… So if you could directly present the plans it would be great!!” Ritwik interrupted Sasha….

Maan grit his teeth and at the same time felt a li’l anger towards his staff as now due to their negligence, he will have to face humiliation at the hands of these two buffoons…

“Sirrr… Why waste time on blueprints??? Its modern era…. We believe in practicality… So we will give you a live demo!!” Geet chirped in!! Maan looked at her with narrowed eyes only to get a naughty smile in return.

“Practical???” Arihant questioned getting confused.

But they couldn’t speak a word more beyond that as the very next second they were greeted by a group of decked up village people trampling them… Oops me means serving them!!!

Two strong guys with giant turbans covering half their faces and the remaining half being covered by their super long mustaches literally forced them down their seats while two girls wearing looong ghunghats appeared with big… no… no… giant tumblers of lassi!!!

“Athithi devo bahava!!!” One of the ladies exclaimed while shoving the drink down the throat of Arihant, the same was done to Ritwik by the other girl!!! 

“umm… uggg… hwtajhd… hdwhdkwe…” Poor Arihant tried to squeak!! 

But even before the lassi made its way down their wind pipe, the two burly guys started breaking bones… uhh… massaging their muscles!!!

“Aaahhh!!!!!!!!!!! Uuuhhh!!!!” Arihant who was already burned screamed while being manhandled!!!

“What the hell is happening here???” Ritwik spat out jerking off from his chair, after finally being able to push away the guy.

“Oh! This is what Sasha Ma’am was explaining to you, but you guys preferred this… ummm… whatever, the thing is we would be creating an ambience of Village life in the mall, like the rooftops would be see through glass so that one could still get the open sky feeling, while the interiors would be based with the hay and grass theme to add to the ambience!! There would be stores etc with modern facilities but we would keep the interiors strictly traditional! Like what you haven’t noticed is there is no electricity here!!!” Geet explained sending a warning look at Maan as whatever these four people did to the duo was over exaggerated version of what was planned, and she exactly knew who was behind it…

Arihant and Ritwik were surprised, as it was very cool in the hall!!

“…. But the hall is still cool, as we have used the traditional methods of cooling like wet hay and khus! Obviously that’s not what we would be doing in the mall… But it’s an example of our idea!!!” Geet finished and looked at Maan!!!

Maan who was silently listening to his little wify speak up was extremely proud of her!! He always knew that she was amazing but hearing her idea of saving the day, made his chest swell with pride!!!! Yup, it was kiddish and maybe very weird but he loved it!!!

Arihant and Ritwik just looked at each other! Finally Arihant voiced out his last suggestion… 

“Uhh we are okay with the idea but please make sure that there is only ground floor in the mall!!!” 

Everyone present there was confused, except Maan, who just smirked realizing well, that it was his leg pain that was speaking!!! He he!! After all these two fools were just awarded the experience of climbing up more than thousand steps to reach here!!!

“Okay sir…” Sasha confirmed.

“By the way sir if you don’t mind me asking what happened to your nose???”Geet asked getting curious seeing the wobbly shape of Arihant’s nose as if multiple pieces of a broken nose were stitched up together in a sack form!!!

Arihant’s hands went instinctively to his nose while his as well as Ritwik’s eyes wandered to Maan who stood their giving a lop-sided smile!!! 

“Uhhh… wo some accident in childhood…” He gave a lame answer…

“Well lets discuss further details…” Ritwik offered trying to divert the topic…

“He he he… S.. Sure s.. Sir… W.. whyyy don’t Y..You discu.. ss further with M.. Maan S.. Sssir in hisss Off…Office???” Adi suggested while ushering the poor well-tortured souls out of the hall!!!

Sasha and Geet jumped over each other squealing in delight at the success of their plan!! 

“GGGeeettt Dhyan se…” Maan shrieked while catching Geet who was about to lose her balance!!!

Geet nodded and jumped off his arms only to jump over Sasha all over again!!!

“He he he he!!” Adi laughed his signature laughter!!

“Adddiii” Maan screamed shutting him up instantly…

“Sasha, Take care of Geet!” Maan instructed her and went out of the hall while glancing at Geet one last time!!

Maan’s Cabin 

Ritwik was pondering over something while Arihant was blowing like a kid over his wounds when Maan entered his cabin.  Both of them couldn’t help but get up in his respect as the aura Maan possessed forced them to do so… Maan signaled them to sit down.

“So, Mr. Rathore and Mr. Sehgal. We look forward to this deal, but before that you can let me know what questions you have?” Maan offered them to speak before he laid down his cards!!

“Umm… Maan can I ask you something… uhh something not so related to this project???” Ritwik asked, finally trying to voice out what was troubling him. 

Maan closed his eyes for self-control and just stiffly nodded. 

“The girl… umm who explained the idea.. after… uhhh the… practical… who was she???” Ritwik asked.

“Ya… aah.. Man… she was… ooh… Hot and aah… Droolworthy..!!” Sick minded Arihant still drawled amidst his painful moans… 

Maan grit his teeth at the mention of his Geet like this and controlled his hands that were itching to throttle these two!

“Maan was she in school with us??” Ritwik asked remembering a vivid image of a short cute bouncing thing in DPS uniform!!

Maan didn’t bother to reply but his hands just converted into a fist!!!

“Ohhh.. aaah… I remember… aah.. arrey Rohan tujhey yaad nahi wo 10thmein apan ne ek ladki dekhi thi Maan ke saath class ke bahaar, jo upar neeche… aah… kud rahi thi, arrey the hottt one… kya mast lag rahi thi tab bhi… Aur abb toh aur bhi zyada maal lagney lag gayi hai… oooh… main toh soch raha hoon ki agar abb bhi wo skirt pehen kar waise upar….” Arihant spoke out his sick thoughts but was rudely interrupted by a ….



And a




The first sound marking the contact of Maan’s Dhai kilo ka haath with Arihant’s filthy cheek and the second one being the after effect- the breaking of his few rotten teeth!!!

The only sound after that, that could be heard was of Maan’s hard breathing as Arihant had literally lost half of his consciousness while Ritwik was too shocked to even breathe!! 

“Tumharey jaise aadmi kabhi nahi sudhar saktey! Tum jaise aadmiyon ki gandi nazron ki wajah se hi log apni betiyon ko ghar se bahaar school mein padhney ke liye bhi bhejne se dartey hain, Arihant Rathore…” Maan spoke is name at the end as if speaking a gaali…

“Tumhe aur tumharey aise encouraging saathiyon ke liye toh koi bhi sazaa kam hai… Uss waqt main bass tumhari naak hi tod paya tha aur kuchh karney ke main tab kaabil nahi tha… Par aaj…” Maan gave an evil smirk at the end sending shivers down their spines!!

“Tt… tum kk…. kya karney waaley hooo???” Ritwik stammered getting super scared of Maan’s calm yet evil expressions!!

“Tum sawaal bahut poochtey ho Mr. Ritwik… Chalo pehley main tumharey pehley sawaal ka jawaab doonga… Ki wo ladki thi kaun…” Maan spoke calmly leaning on the desk!!

“Wo ladki hai MERI GEET… sirf aur sirf MERI GEET!!! Meri zindagi, meri izzat, mera sab kuchh… GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA hai wo… Aur uske baare mein aisa soch kar bhi tumne Maan Singh Khurana ki izzat ke saath khelne ki koshish ki hai…” Maan finished angrily while scaring the living daylights out of the two men in front of him!

” Maan look we are sorry… Arihant too is sorry…. He didn’t know that Geet is…” Ritwik tried to make amends to manage the situation least did he know that it was a disaster…

“Don’t even dare to take My Geet’s name from you filthy mouth… Aur kya matlab hai tumhara ki tumhe nahi pata tha ki wo kaun hai??? Koi hak nahi hai tumhe ki tum kisi aur ladki ko bhi aise nazron se dekho… And don’t worry after today I will make sure ki tum khud ka chehra bhi aaiyne mein na dekh paao…” Maan said while throwing a few papers in their faces…

“Y… yeh kya h..hai??” Arihant stammered…

“Tumhari barbaadi in paper form…” Maan spat…

Arihant and Ritwik were left spell bound as the papers read that their entire business was no longer theirs and the new owner of their business was Geet Maan Singh Khurana…

“Kaisa lag raha hai tumhe abb??? Aaaj se tum dono apni hi company mein ek naukar ho…” Maan smirked….

“TUM AISA NAHI KAR SAKTEY MAAN SINGH KHURANA…” Arihant shouted like a zakhmi sher (me shouting zakhmi sher nahi zakhmi chuha… Oops chuha ki bhi izzat hoti hai na??? Sorry Mr. rat!!!) while Ritwik just sat down holding his head knowing well that all is finished now…

” Well too bad… Kyuni main aisa kar chukaa hoon… Tumharey jo baaki do saathi thhey na uss din, unka bhi kuchh aisa hi haal hua hai… Bass farak itna hai ki dono aaj-kal engineer ki job ki jagah peon ka kaam kar rahey hai meri hi company mein… Jo bhi meri Geet ki taraf buri nazar se chhodo, uske baare mein buraa sochne ki bhi jurrarat karta hai, MSK ussey nahi chhodta…. Tumhe kya laga tum dono yaha apni marzi se aaye ho??? Naaa… Meri marzi ke bina yahan patta bhi nahi hil sakta toh tum kya cheez ho???” Maan told him while fanning himself with a file…

“And now am feeing hot… Ekkk toh without electricity and now sharing this air with you two is making me feel stuffy and suffocated… tumhara aana jaana sab mera plan tha.. And now its time for you to get out…” Maan finished before calling on the intercom for security…

Arihant sat down after the lost battle as now his arrogance and pride was already crushed by Maan under his feet and he was totally crashed… He never knew that his li’l deed in school would bring his doom… That’s why one says that your sins follow you throughout you life and even beyond!!!

Security came and literally dragged the two by their collars out of Maan’s cabin…

“Arrey haan before you two leave…. Report 8 am sharp tomorrow as Arihant, you would be assisting your assistant’s assistant in your… Oops Now MY office , so you are now at the post of a mere clerk and Ritwik you were not much at fault so would be just demoted from CEO to sales manager… Now security please KICK THEM OUT NOW…” Maan shouted. 

The whole office witnessed the tamaasha and were shocked beyond limits seeing the condition of the two defeated souls…

Sasha, Adi and others were stunned too as here they were thinking of celebrating cracking this deal but this happened… though Sasha was not very disappointed as she was not really looking forward to work with that leach who had the audacity to lay his eyes on her sister Geet…

While at the same time a pair of eyes were not so surprised as she knew right from the moment they entered that something was cooking in Maan’s brain… 

After a while everyone dispersed but Geet Maan Singh Khurana stormed inside her hubby’s cabin… with purposeful strides!!!!



The GMSK’s mood swing demands…ROFL

Will The MSK fail after so many years????Shocked


Hope you all liked how Maan dealt with these two!! Me writing after long time, so me not knows how it is!!Ouch

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Twisty Deewangi Part 57

Maan then made another call and ordered the security guy to switch off the central air conditioning unit…. Thus KC got without AC!!!

KC’s Conference Room

Geet, Sasha and Adi were busy arranging for THE meeting, while the other team members were staring at them as if they have all grown two heads!!! The ruckus… ahem… ahem… The environment that was created in the room spoke volumes in itself!!! Though for some normal human being, it seemed like a… well there were actually no words to describe the ambience set up!!!

A loud gasp made everyone look at the door, only to witness the priceless flabbergasted expressions of their boss!!

Maan kept looking at the… err… room which one upon a time used to be his prized conference hall!!! He had truly underestimated his little wify’s talent… She truly held the power to completely transform the whole room into something unimaginable in minutes… Truly she would make the most successful interior designer one-day!!! His eyes met his little wify and he smirked seeing the hazels poled with mischief… Just then the intercom rang and Maan recovered to answer it…


“Hello Sir, wo security just called, they have come…”

“Hmmm… Send someone to escort them in Pinky… Aaah wait, actually on second thoughts let them get here on their own…” Maan finished smirking!!!

“Uh… okay sir, I will inform the security…”


Maan disconnected the call only to see the questioning looks of everyone prenest, including Geet… He specifically held Geet’s gaze, avoiding everyone else while his eyes clearly told her… What??? Even I am entitled to have some fun na??”

Geet just shook her head…

“Its all done Geet… Hope our plan works…” Sasha exclaimed while shaking with anxiety…

“Relax Sasha, Frankly even if it doesn’t work, I care less… Anyway this plan will definitely solve my purpose of not anything else…”

No one actually understood what actually Maan meant; even Geet couldn’t quite understand what was he up to… But she had better things to care of so she ignored it…


Pinky again called Maan to inform them that the poor clients had finally reached the floor and were currently gulping down glasses… Uhh actually bottles of water… Maan just grinned mentally, imagining them, after all the poor souls would definitely need water, they had just climbed stairs of 18 floors to reach here as the lift was apparently NOT WORKING!!! (Me thinking… Devil Maan!!! Poor guys though am wondering why Maan did this with them??? Him, the MSK, utter professional, behaving like this with his prospective clients??? Why???)

The clients finally entered the cabin making Geet gasp!!! Now she understood everything!!!

“Welcome Mr. Sehgal and Mr. Rathore… hope your journey till HERE was confortable!!!” Maan asked the drained souls innocently, while shaking hands with them!!!

“Huff.. Uhh… yeah… Don’t be so formal Maan, after all we are school mates, so lets be on first name basis!!”

Maan clenched his fist remembering the things these two did at school, when he was a nobody!! How they left no stone unturned to make his life a living hell!!! How he talked all those rubbish things about his Geet!!!

Yup, these were none other than his PEERS!!




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While everyone froze at their paces ready to bear the burnt of facing the MSK thinking he must have got to know about their goof up, Geet had the doe caught in headlight expression, she meekly turned around and just one glimpse of her super angry hubby was enough to make her tremble!!!

Geet, what the hell are you doing here???” MSK bit out while taking slow calculative steps towards his prey… Oops his little wify!!!!

Geet started taking steps back while the office that was witnessing this got confused and Sasha started getting worried!!!

“Maine tumse kuchh puchha hai Geet…” Maan exclaimed trying to keep his anger in check…

“Wo… wo … main…”

Maan, who was very angry till then suddenly felt like laughing seeing Geet stammering like Adi and getting so scared. It was true he was angry with her since she had went out even when he has strictly forbidden her and that too without telling him!!! But it was also true that he couldn’t ever stay angry with his Jaan for long!!!

He looked around and saw the whole staff was looking at them with bulging eyes….

“WHATTT the hell are you all looking at us like this???? Yahan koi tamasha nahi chal raha hai… Everyone get back to your work, I am not paying you for ogling at me and my….”

Maan was cut off by Tasha who wanted to make the most out of the angry Maan…

“MK sir, wo yeh sab iss Geet ki wajah se ho raha hai… She is wasting our time…. Jab sey aayi hai hum sab se gossip karey jaa rahi hai…. Khud toh kuchh kaam isne kabhi kara nahi aur ab hum sab ko bhi nahi karney de rahi… Aise Jaahil gawar down market logon ke paas aur kaam bhi kya hota hai… kuchh aata waata toh hai nahi bas chale aatey hain…” Tasha spoke, venom dripping out from her tongue!!!

Sasha was super shocked while Geet was immensely scared, knowing her Maan, Tasha was now gone!!!

What did you just say Tasha???” Maan asked rather calmly but only three people present there could make out that there was a storm brewing in Maan’s mind!!!

Tasha, the insolent fool thought that Maan was actually encouraging her and was just about to open her dumb mouth but before that Maan gave her the shock of the life!!!

“Miss. Tasha Singhania, Please collect your termination letter from Pinky and you may apply for the post of a sweeper or a maid at maximum at any other institution BECAUSE I WILL MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER COMPANY IN INDIA OR ABROAD DARES TO HIRE YOU!!!!” Maan blasted on Tasha scaring the living daylights out of her!!!

The whole office got dead silent even Geet stood a little shaken at Maan’s outburst!!! She knew that Maan had this angry side but she had rarely been recipient of his wrath so she got a li’l scared!!!

“But Sir main toh…” Tasha tried to retaliate but Maan was in no mood to listen…

“Do you even have an idea ki tum jiske baarey main yeh baatein kar rahi ho wo hai kaun???? She is the girl who has been the topper throughout her school life, not only that she has studied interior designing from the best designing school in London, that too on 100% scholarship!!!! She has even done masters in designing which makes her much senior to you in her designation…”

Every soul present there except Sasha had a shocked face, but Maan had not yet finished!!!

“… Sabsey badi baat do you even know who she is????” Maan spat…

“Bass Maan, jaaney dijiye….”

Oh god!! Now that was another bomb on the poor employees… No one ever dare to call their boss Maan, he was addressed as MK, Maan sir or Mr. Khurana, but no one except his Dadima and his mom (office people knew Rano ma as his mom) called him by his first name!!!

“Nahi Geet… Aaj inn sab ke liye aur khaas taur par iss aurat ke liye yeh jaan na bahut zaroori hai… Aap sab ke saamne jo khadi hain wo hai Geet Handa…. Handa industries, Khurana industries aur Khurana’s and Handa’s ki saari property ki eklauti maalkin!!!”

Okay now that was Bomb no. 2… Poor employees!! Even Geet was shocked as she didn’t know that all this was on her name, not that it mattered to her but still she had tears in her eyes knowing how much Maan loved her and believed her!!! But she was a little hurt as Maan addressed her as a Handa not Khurana… but Maan as usual didn’t leave her disappointed!!

“…. Aur sabsey badi baat, she is Mrs. Geet Maan Khurana, Maan Singh Khurana ki patni!!!!”

That was nothing less than a Hiroshima-Nagasaki bomb on the poor staff!! Tasha had already fainted, and after hearing this she almost went into coma!! Many female staff too required medical attention after getting the dreadful news that their hot hot boss, their DD was taken!!!

Maan just gave a look to Adi who immediately ordered the guards to throw the rubbish out!!! He then held Geet’s hand and dragged her in his cabin!!

Maan’s Cabin

Maan dragged Geet in the cabin and then closed the door… He turned around looking at her while crossing her hands, waiting for her to elaborate!!!

“Wo mujhe Sasha Di ka call aaya tha…”

Geet looked once at Maan’s face and then immediately began to continue…

“Wo aapke Pune waale clients ki file misplace ho gayi thi aur blue prints bhi galat nikal gaye thhey, Sasha Di ka laptop aur sabhi back up computers pata nahi kaise achanak corrupt ho gaye thhey …. Sasha Di bahut darr gayi thi issliye unhone mujhe bulaya… Wo darasal Pune waaley clients ke jo final blueprints ke liye ideas clients ko pasand aaye thhey wo mainey hi Sasha Di ko diye thhey toh unhe lagaa…”

” Toh Sasha ko lagaa ki uskey Superman ki Superwoman Doll aa kar sab theek kar degi…” Maan finished sarcastically while Geet made a baby face!!! Maan sighed and continued…

“Geet, tum kab samjhogi… Mere liye tumhari aur baies ki health se badh kar kuchh nahi hai… Tum abhi abhi hospital se… Please Geet I cant bear that again….” Maan finished almost in tears!! Geet was openly crying now, she rushed forward and hugged Maan whilst crying!!!

“Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…. Aagey sey kabhi aisa nahi hoga…. Sorry sorry…  Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…. Sorry sorry… Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…. Sorry sorry…. “

Before she could say any further Sorries, Maan shut her up by taking her petals in his mouth… After a while he left her seeing her getting breathless…. He tucked a loose tendril behind her ear; his eyes fell on the solitaire diamond MG pendant glittering on her neck, making him smile a bit!!! He softly said…

“Chalo ghar chaltey hain…”

Par Maan wo client…”

“Sigh!!! Tum maanogi nahi na… Theek hai hum iss problem ko solve kar lete hai phir challenge… Khush???”

Geet nodded happily and suggested Maan the plan she thought of!!! Maan chuckled hearing her crazy plan but nevertheless decided to give it a try!!!

“Theek hai Geet!!! Abb tum chalo main aata hoon!!!”

After Geet left, Maan made a call to Vicky whom he knew must be worried!!!

“Hello haan Vicky… Wo Geet KC main hai…”

“Whaaattt!!! But what the hell is she doing there???”

“Yeh tum apni biwi sey puchho toh better hai…”


“Haan…” Maan then told Vicky everything while Vicky boiled in anger!!!

“Oh god!! How can Sasha be so careless… Ussey toh pata hai phir bhi…”

“Leave it Vicky anyway its good iss bahaaney Geet ka mann bhi thoda change ho gaya…”

“Ya you are right!!! Par Maan tell me one thing… Tumhe kaise pata chala ki Doll kahan hai???” Vicky asked curiously while Maan smirked!!

“Vicky tumhari doll itni disaster prone hai ki mujhe uske disaster management ke liye prepared rehna padta hai…”

“What??? Stop speaking in puzzles dude!!! Tell me clearly…”

“Wo I gifted her a pendant today…”

“So??? She is your wife!! Tumhara toh farz banta hai!! You know you are lucky that Geet doesn’t demand anything nahi toh…”

“Uff you duffer!! It has a tracking device in it…”

“Hey am not duffer!! Waise great idea bro!!! Really needed for your deewani little wify!!!”

“Hmmm… Chalo we both will come back in an hour… Bye!!!”

“Bye bro… take care!!”

Maan then made another call and ordered the security guy to switch off the central air conditioning unit…. Thus KC got without AC!!!

Me wondering what is Geet’s plan???


Oops… The clients in for a rude shock!!!

Geet making Maan mad!!! Or is it the babies???

Uff lots of confusion…


Me hoping that me has no lost the touch and the update was hopefully up to your expectations dears!!

Sorry of it was not!!

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Vicky was thoroughly confused while Maan just gave him a reassuring look and left the room after grabbing his car keys. Vicky kept looking at Maan’s retreating back for a while and then sighed loudly…

“Ufff yeh dono ke dono deewane na kabhi ere samajh mein aaye hain aur na him kabhi aayenge!!!” He exclaimed exasperated!!!


Meanwhile there was a situation of utter panic in KC. Everyone in the office was running out of ideas to handle the situation while the two people who were waiting for their savior had started perspiring badly as the time was passing by!!!

“Ufff yeh Geet kahan reh gayi???” Sasha muttered under her breath while pinching the bridge of her nose as she was having a severe headache!!!

As if listening to her prayers, just then the office door swung open marking the entrance of Geet!!! Two persons literally jumped on her in excitement while the others were under the state of extreme shock!!!

“Thank God Geet tu aa gayi…” Sasha literally cried in relief almost choking Geet with her giant Khali style hug!!!

“Abbb t..toh…. h… hum… bb.. bach… ga… gaye… he he he….” Adi exclaimed, though he was laughing or crying no one could make out!!!

While the other people in the office just had their mouths hung open… They were just receiving shocks after shocks!!

First shock… they had not seen this girl since ages and today she just appeared miraculously!!!!

Second shock…. This girl didn’t appear alone but she appeared with a very visible bump!! Last they knew she had got married but that was just like a few days back!!! Then how can she be so many months pregnant????

Third shock, Sasha who barely even talks to someone without snapping at the person and is considered to be so rude and arrogant was treating this girl as some long lost friend!!

Fourth shock…. What’s her name???? As far as they knew she was some Meet Khurana… Then why is Sasha Ma’am calling her as Geet????

And finally shock… Why did Adi sir say that now we are saved, how can a mere personal assistant save them from this crisis????

Poor people had no idea that this was just the trailer; the major shock is on its way!!!

“Geet abb hum kya karenge???” Sasha squeaked breaking everyone’s reverie while literally shaking Geet!!!

“Chill Di!! Aaap tni tension mat lo!!!! By the way tell me how did these blue prints get damaged??” She asked pointing to the now ‘tea-soaked’ blue prints in Adi’s hands!!!

“Wo… uhhh… Geet… ummm….” Sasha stammered trying to find correct words to explain to her while turning crimson red!!!

“Hey you girl!! Tum hoti kaun ho Sasha uhhh mera matlab hai Sasha Ma’am se iss tarah sawal karne waaali??? Huh!! Silly Me….” Tasha asked Geet haughtily while Adi and Sasha stood aghast!!!

Sasha was extremely angry and about to shout at this stupid silly woman but was silenced when Geet squeezed her hand and blinked her eyes nodding a NO!!!

“Leave it Di!!! We have work to do!!! By the way you checked again na??? Are you sure we don’t have the back up in Maan’s computer??” Geet asked while giving a super huge shock to the poor people!!!!

Sasha just sighed and nodded negatively!!

“Oh god!! You silly girl!!! Tum MK sir ko unke naam se bula rahi ho??? You fool do you want to get fired????” Tasha shouted on Geet bossily!!!

“Just shut up! Agar tum abb ekk shabd aur boli to main tumhe zaroor FIRE kar doongi!!! Just SHUT UP!!!” Geet shouted on Tasha making everyone scurry away getting intimated by her bossy tone!! Poor Tasha was so shocked that she actually muttered a ‘Sorry!’ and ran away!!!

Geet was actually very irritated, and these pregnancy hormones were taking a toll on her as well!!! She thought for a while then asked Adi…

“Adi sir… Yej project village complex walaa hai na???”

“Haan Geet Ma’am…”

“Hmmm to abb humein ek plan banana chaiye… Main soch rahi thi ki….”

But before Geet could continue she was silenced by a super angry blood slurring scream!!!


Yup!!! It was none other than our very own dear Maan!!! But the question is how did he know where Geet is???


How did Maan know???

KC without AC


Geet driving Maan mad!!!!


Am writing after a very long time dears!! If it is not up tp the mark, please do let me know!!!

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“Please calm down Mr. Khurana… I understand aapkey liye yeh sab ekk bahut bada shock hai but there are many more revelations and you need to be calm to hear them…” Inspector requested Maan to which he agreed and formed a fist to calm himself!! Inspector then signaled the Havaldar to continue…

“…Mr. Brij had also been involved in human trafficking… specially selling of naive village girls to middle east countries, fooling them, by luring them showing high dreams of a good well paid maid job or even marriage…”

“Issi dauraan… Brij Rahul sey milaa tha Mr. Khurana… Rahul is actually the King of this flesh trade business in Delhi… Brij koi ladki bechne aaya tha jab uski mulaakat Rahul sey hui…” Inspector clarified to Maan who was feeling disgusted by this pathetic excuse for human Brij…

“…Rahul actually illegitimately Ranjit Singh Khurana ka beta hai aur sabhi Khuranas sey nafrat karta hai yeh baat Brij ko kuchh mahino baad pata chali… The name Khuranas stuck somewhere in his mind and he actually tried to relate him to you… Tabb uske sources ney ussey asliyat bataayi… Ussey lagaa ki aap actually Ranjit Singh Khurana ke betey hain… Wo Rahul ki paternity ko lekar Khurana khaadaan aur khaas taur par aapki izzat kharaab karna chaahta tha parr useey ample proofs nahi mil paa rahey thhey…” The sub inspector who was silent till now spoke up the remnant facts…

“But what actually happened to Ranjit Singh Khurna??? Kya wo abhi bhi zinda hai ya…” Maan finally asked out of curiosity!! Yes, he had no feelings for that man and actually despised him for making his life hell but still he wanted to know the truth… He just hoped that he was not wrong in judging his so called father… But the truth that he learnt made him despise him even more…

“No Mr. Khurana… actually I am really sorry to tell you but Mr. Ranjit Singh Khurana was actually a characterless man… He was a Casanova and used to treat girls like thrash and use them like tissue paper… He was also involved in drug dealings and lot of other illegal activities…” The inspector clarified feeling bad while telling this truth about the so-called father of the man with high morals, sitting in front of him…

Strangely Maan didn’t feel bad at all… He actually hated that man and all this just fuelled his hatred… he had already given the place of his father to Raj and this man actually held no place in his life!!

“… And also he is no more… Ranjit Singh Khurana was murdered by his own son Rahul… Actually Ranjit had a vast bank balance in Swiss bank accounts and many properties under his name that he had earned from his illegal activities and frauds… Rahul ruthlessly murdered Ranjit by stabbing him and throttling his neck till he died… To get all this wealth under his name…”

Maan actually felt a strange peace… Its true he didn’t even feel an iota of pity for such a man, in fact, his fate actually told that there is indeed justice in god’s house… Ranjit was killed by his own, so called blood… What could be more worse than this, for a father to be killed by his own son???

“… Mr. Khurana Brij ke gunaho ki kahaani kaafi lambi hai but most of the crimes committed by him, that are punishable by law involve Rahul as well… In fact inn dono ki search ke liye Indian police force ney London ki police key through search warrant bhi jaari kiya tha…”

London word triggered Maan’s doubts…

“London??? Yaani wo log Geet ke peechhe wahan par bhi pahunch gaye thhey???”

“Nahi Mr. Khurana… Yeh sach hai ki unhoney waha par jab Geet ji ko dekha toh unhey target karney ki koshish kari thi but their aim was not Geet ji when they initially went to London…”

“Kahin aap Pari, meri behen ke baarey mein toh mean nahi kar rahey???? I mean is she also somewhere involved in this mess???” Maan asked, though he felt it to be a vague doubt but still he had a feeling that all the mess surrounding Pari also was related somewhere to Brij and Rahul!!

“Jee… Mr. Khurana actually Pari Khurana ya phir main yeh kahoon Meera Singhania hi unka asli target thhi…”


Maan was shocked but it wasn’t Maan who shouted, it was Vicky who was standing with a shocked expression on the door…

“Vicky tum yahan??? Tumhey to iss waqt plane mein hona chaiyeh na???” Maan asked standing up while getting confused to see him!!

“Yup dude… But actually mere paas AIMMS sey phone aaya tha and they have got a very important surgery of two girls, joined who are from their brain by birth, tomorrow… They needed me so I postponed my trip… I directly went there to get the required tests done then I came back home… Tumhe bataya nahi kyunki maine socha tha wapas aa kar tumhe aur sabhi ko surprise karoonga but yahan to…” Vicky trailed off still reeling from shock…

“… Dr. Khurana actually yeh baat humein bhi accidently hi pata chali… Darasal Meera ji ekk r*pe and murder case ki eye witness hai… Jab wo kareeban 14 saal ki thi toh unhone Brij ko ek ladki ka r*pe kartey hue dekha tha aur unhone ussey pehchann bhi lIya tha as she had seen his pics with Geet ji…” The inspector dropped the bombshell on Khurana brothers…

“WHATTT… Yeh aap kya keh rahey hain???” This time it was Maan who shouted, he looked at Vicky who seemed to be as clueless as him…

“… Jee actually jab wo tenth standard mein thhi tab ekk din wo apney school DPS sey laut rahi thi jab unhoney iss vaardat ko apni aakhon sey dekha hoga… But unfortunately those people noticed her as she shouted Brij’s name as a reflex action, and unhoney unkey sar par vaar kiya…”

“But Pari ney toh kabhi iss cheez ka zikar tak nahi kiya…” Vicky interrupted…

“Haan Vicky but hum bhool rahey hain Pari has got Partial amnesia… And obviously yeh sab dekh kar kissi bhi 14 saal ki bachchi ko kitna bada shock laga hoga…” Maan finally said connecting the dots… At the same time thoroughly shaken up wondering what all his baby sister had to endure at such a tender age!!!

“Exactly Mr. Khurana… Issi wajah sey wo kuchh recollect nahi kar paayi.. Par phir bhi Brij ko dar tha ki kahi kissi din uska raaz na khul jaaye…. Actually jis ladki ka murder hua wo Meera ji ke hi school ki ex student thhi issliye Meera ji ne unhe recognize kar liya thha…”

“But wo ladki thhi kaun and how come no one got to know about this matter??”Vicky questioned echoing the question that surfaced in Maan’s mind as well…

“She was some girl Jiya… Aur Meera ji uss waqt apney foster parents ke saath rehti thhi jinhe unsey koi khaas matlab nahi thha… Friends ne bhi nahi notice ki unki absence, kyunki shayad unkey karibi doston ey school change kar liya tha jiss wajah sey milna julna kam ho gaya tha…” The sub inspector clarified…

Maan now remembered, this was the time when Geet and Arohi both had changed their school… Even Riddhima had changed the school where Arts stream was offered, as DPS didn’t have an Arts stream!!!

“Ohhh god!! Issi wajha sey those goons attacked our Pari???” Vicky shook his head!!

“… yes Dr. Khurana… Actually Pari ji jab hospital mein thi aur kaafi had tak apni yaad dasht kho chuki thi tab aapke papa ney unhey dhoond liya tha aur apney saath le gaye thhey… Brij ko bhi unka pata lagaaney mein kaafi samay lag gaya aur phir jo hua wo aap jaantey hain…”

“Jab unhone Geet ji ko London mein dekha toh pehley toh unhoney unhe maarney ki koshish ki phir Rahul ke haath ek ladki lagi apney uss ghatiya kaam ke dauran jo ki Geet ji sey kaafi milti julti shakal ki thhi, Rimi… Ussey unhone Geet ji jaisa banaya aur yahan par aapkey paas unki jagah leney ke liye bhej diya taaki wo saari property par kabzaa kar sakein… Parr…”

“But their whole stupid plan got failed when Doll came back to Maan…” Vicky completed while the police clan agreed…

There was an eerie silence for a few minutes; No one had anything to say after that!!! The police clan took departure after getting signatures at a few places while Maan and Vicky promised to come to the police station if they remembered anything else; Leaving the Khurana twins amidst strange calm silence that prevails after a storm has receded!!!

Maan spoke up after a while voicing his doubts But Vicky, Dadima ney kaha tha ki wo yeh baat ki Geet wapas Delhi aa gayi hai tab sey jaanti thi jab sey wo lauti thi… And she knew that Rimi was faking… There is something amiss… Jab main tak yeh baat nahi jaanta tha then how did Dadima know???”

Vicky pondered about it and agreed that there was some catch in this whole situation…

“Hmm you are absoulutely right dude… Doll ke yahaan tumsey milney aaney ke baarey mein toh sirf mom, dad, bade papa, mujhe aur Arjun-Arohi ko pata tha… humein doll sey ekk baar baat karni chaiyeh…”

Maan agreed and they made their way towards Maaneet’s room only to find an empty room!!! Maan’s eyes looked around and he knew that Geet was not there, Chandu, the servant who was cleaning the spider webs just outside the door told them that Geet had gone out…

“Ohh god… yeh doll bhi na… Superman mujhe kehti hai aur khud superwoman jaisi harkatein karti hai… Kaha tha ussey ki rest karey but yeh word toh uski dictionary mein hi nahi hai shayad… Abb hum kaise pata lagaeyin wo kahaan hai??? Uska mobile bhi yeh dekho yahi pada hai…” Vicky cribbed getting angry…

Maan was seething in anger as Geet had gone out without even bothering to tell him but then his eyes fell on the box that now lay empty on the pillow and his lips curved into a devilish smirk…

“Chinta mat karo Vicky… Samajh lo Geet ka pata chal gaya…”


KC without AC!!!


Me sholly for another no Maaneet update!! But don’t worry next update will compensate!!

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While Geet went to the washroom to freshen up, Maan immediately took out the small box wrapped in a cute Minnie mouse gift-wrap from his pant pocket…. He placed a little kiss on it and kept it on Geet’s pillow!! As soon as he heard the lock of bathroom click open, he hurriedly cleared up the mess that Geet had created and rushed out of the room before Geet came out!!

Geet came out wiping her face with a towel, she kept the towel on the rim of the dressing table and looked around… She was surprised to find Maan missing, her eyes immediately drafted towards the place where the delicious cake was hoping that she could grab a bite or two before Maan noticed but was disappointed!!

“Babaji!! Yeh Maan bhi na kabhi kuchh nahi bhultey… Agar cake yahi chhod jaatey toh unka kya jaata???” She pouted!!

Maan, who was hiding behind the door, chuckled seeing his little wify’s antics!!!

Geet then sat down on the bed deciding to read a few pages of the pregnancy books that Maan had got for her. She took the pillow to make herself comfortable when she noticed a box that fell down!! She picked it up and got extremely excited seeing a gift!!!

“Mere liye???” She asked to the gift!!

“Uff abbb yeh gift kabsey answer karney lagi???” Maan thought to himself and slapped his forehead wondering ki uski Jaan ka much nahi ho sakta!!

Geet gingerly opened the gift box, carefully opening each tape taking care not to tear the gift wrapper from any place while Maan grew impatient to see her reaction!! Finally she opened the last tape and took off the gift wrapper, she neatly folded it and kept it aside… At last she opened the box…


Nothing was okay in KC since morning… A very important client was coming to finalize a project… It was a government project and thus didn’t involve a lot of money but was very prestigious for the reputation of the company as it involved the construction of a world trade village… an integration of rural India with the world!!!

Sasha, who had been in charge of this project, was going berserk as she had just discovered that the blue prints of the project were not yet taken out, as the printer was not working yesterday… And now apparently the CD consisting of the blueprints had got damaged!!!

“How the hell is that possible???? Yeh CD kal maine khud CD protector mein daal kar MK ke cabin mein rakhi thi… Toh phir iss par itney scratches kaisey aa saktey hain???” Sasha was very puzzled and at the same time worried… MK had left a huge responsibility on her, trusting her… She couldn’t disappoint him at any cost…

“Silly Me… Sasha uhh mera matlab hai ma’am… Aapne back up liya hoga na uss CD ka???” Tasha, Sasha’s assistant chirped in….

“Yehi baat toh mere bhi samajh ke bahaar hai Tasha… Mere laptop ki ekk ekk file corrupt ho gayi hai… The damn machine has crashed…” Sasha sighed while keeping a hand on her aching temple…

“K… Kkk… Kyaa… he he he … abb hum kkkya karengge???” Adi stammered nervously…

“Abb toh hamarey paas ekk hi raasta hai….”

“Sasha… uhh  silly me… Ma’am… Kaunsa raasta???”

The one and only GMSK…”

Tasha and other team members were confused while Adi who understood gave his typical hyena laugh knowing well that only GMSK can save their skin and KC’s reputation now!!


Just when Geet was about to open the box while Maan was waiting with baited breath, Geet’s phone rang… Geet accidently dropped the box while Maan slapped his forehead once again…  Geet picked up the box and kept it aside, and then she took her phone to answer the call… Maan was frustrated to no end; He glared at the oblivious Geet and then stormed off clearly very angry…



Geet removed the phone immediately from her ear to save them from permanent damage!! She sighed and finally asked her over excited Bhabhi…

“Kya hua Sasha bhabhi???” Geet teased…. But she was instantly alarmed when she heard Sasha’s story… She thought for a while then gave her an ‘out of the world’ idea before clicking the phone shut!!

“Hey babaji… Bass yeh idea kaam aa jaaye… Parr itney saarey coincidences ekk saath nahi ho saktey… Kahin koi aisa toh nahi hai ko nahi chahta ki hamari KC ko yeh project miley??? Mujhe office jaana chaiyeh waisey bhi its already five, I must leave fast…” Geet thought determinedly and then got up to freshen up completely forgetting about the poor box that lay forgotten on the bed!!!

MAAN’s study

As soon as Maan left from there grumpily, Nakul announced the arrival of the police inspector to him… Maan requested the inspector to follow him to his study… He didn’t want to remind his Jaan of all those horrifying incidents and the pain they had endured due to it, Geet was already not keeping too well and he didn’t want to add to her stress!! But he was oblivious to the khhichdi his dear little wify and sis-in-law were pakayofying behind his back!!!

“Please be comfortable Sir…” Maan said after requesting the inspector, sub inspector and his two havaldars to have as seat on the sofas… He himself sat on the recliner cum sofa…

“So Mr. Khurana I guess abb humein saari formalities puri kar leni chaiyeh…”

“Jee inspector… Aap mujhe bataiye ki kya kya karna hai… Waise maine apney lawyer sey bhi baat kar li hai and he must be on his way…”

“Actually uski shaaya zaroorat nahi padegi because Brij ne kaafi had tak ikbaal-e-jurm yaani ki self confession kar liya hai…”

Maan was quite surprised to learn about this…

“That’s great inspector… Mujhe bilkul ummeed nahi thi ki uske jaisa aadmi apney muh sey apne gunah kabool karega…”

Abb jab police ki laathi aur third degree torture milta hai toh achchhey sey achchhey logon ka muh khul jaata hai…” Inspector smirked…

“Well so lets come to the point… Pehley main aapko wo saarey charges bata deta hoon jo Brij par lagey hain aur jo bhi karnaamey useny aur uskey kamine saathiyon ne kiye hai phir aap mujhe bata dijiyega if I miss out anything…”

Maan nodded agreeing as well as requesting the inspector to go ahead… Inspector signaled one of the havaldars who opened a big file that was in his hand and began…

“Brij Handa, son of Mr. Rajendra Handa, he had been a local goon since the age of sixteen, involved in honour killings taking place in his village Hoshiarpur… He was majorly involved in killing of Chaani, a local girl who had married her boyfriend against her parents wishes…”

Maan was actually not surprised to hear this… He had a fair idea about it as once Geet had mentioned about her friend Chaani and what all Rajji told her, when he had asked her why she hated Hoshiyarpur so much!!

“… At the age of 18, he along with his father Mr. Rajendra Handa had duped Mrs. Rano Handa and her daughter Miss. Geet Handa of their property and above all their home, Handa Mansion, taking advantage of the apparent demise of Mr. Mohinder Handa…”

Maan’s eyes turned red at this, as he clearly remembered the time when he had seen his Rano Ma so helpless and his innocent wify coming in terms with this money sucking cruel world… How those leeches had gone to the extent of trying to separate him from his Geet!!!

“… Mr Brij has also confessed that the brakes of Mr. Mohinder Handa’s car had been tampered by him and his father, and some technical faults had been created because of which there was a blast in the car…” 

“WHAT??? Yeh aap KYA KEH RAHEY HAIN???” Maan was shocked out of his wits… it was not an accident, it was an attempt to murder????


Some Major Revelations in the Report!!


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