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Vicky was thoroughly confused while Maan just gave him a reassuring look and left the room after grabbing his car keys. Vicky kept looking at Maan’s retreating back for a while and then sighed loudly…

“Ufff yeh dono ke dono deewane na kabhi ere samajh mein aaye hain aur na him kabhi aayenge!!!” He exclaimed exasperated!!!


Meanwhile there was a situation of utter panic in KC. Everyone in the office was running out of ideas to handle the situation while the two people who were waiting for their savior had started perspiring badly as the time was passing by!!!

“Ufff yeh Geet kahan reh gayi???” Sasha muttered under her breath while pinching the bridge of her nose as she was having a severe headache!!!

As if listening to her prayers, just then the office door swung open marking the entrance of Geet!!! Two persons literally jumped on her in excitement while the others were under the state of extreme shock!!!

“Thank God Geet tu aa gayi…” Sasha literally cried in relief almost choking Geet with her giant Khali style hug!!!

“Abbb t..toh…. h… hum… bb.. bach… ga… gaye… he he he….” Adi exclaimed, though he was laughing or crying no one could make out!!!

While the other people in the office just had their mouths hung open… They were just receiving shocks after shocks!!

First shock… they had not seen this girl since ages and today she just appeared miraculously!!!!

Second shock…. This girl didn’t appear alone but she appeared with a very visible bump!! Last they knew she had got married but that was just like a few days back!!! Then how can she be so many months pregnant????

Third shock, Sasha who barely even talks to someone without snapping at the person and is considered to be so rude and arrogant was treating this girl as some long lost friend!!

Fourth shock…. What’s her name???? As far as they knew she was some Meet Khurana… Then why is Sasha Ma’am calling her as Geet????

And finally shock… Why did Adi sir say that now we are saved, how can a mere personal assistant save them from this crisis????

Poor people had no idea that this was just the trailer; the major shock is on its way!!!

“Geet abb hum kya karenge???” Sasha squeaked breaking everyone’s reverie while literally shaking Geet!!!

“Chill Di!! Aaap tni tension mat lo!!!! By the way tell me how did these blue prints get damaged??” She asked pointing to the now ‘tea-soaked’ blue prints in Adi’s hands!!!

“Wo… uhhh… Geet… ummm….” Sasha stammered trying to find correct words to explain to her while turning crimson red!!!

“Hey you girl!! Tum hoti kaun ho Sasha uhhh mera matlab hai Sasha Ma’am se iss tarah sawal karne waaali??? Huh!! Silly Me….” Tasha asked Geet haughtily while Adi and Sasha stood aghast!!!

Sasha was extremely angry and about to shout at this stupid silly woman but was silenced when Geet squeezed her hand and blinked her eyes nodding a NO!!!

“Leave it Di!!! We have work to do!!! By the way you checked again na??? Are you sure we don’t have the back up in Maan’s computer??” Geet asked while giving a super huge shock to the poor people!!!!

Sasha just sighed and nodded negatively!!

“Oh god!! You silly girl!!! Tum MK sir ko unke naam se bula rahi ho??? You fool do you want to get fired????” Tasha shouted on Geet bossily!!!

“Just shut up! Agar tum abb ekk shabd aur boli to main tumhe zaroor FIRE kar doongi!!! Just SHUT UP!!!” Geet shouted on Tasha making everyone scurry away getting intimated by her bossy tone!! Poor Tasha was so shocked that she actually muttered a ‘Sorry!’ and ran away!!!

Geet was actually very irritated, and these pregnancy hormones were taking a toll on her as well!!! She thought for a while then asked Adi…

“Adi sir… Yej project village complex walaa hai na???”

“Haan Geet Ma’am…”

“Hmmm to abb humein ek plan banana chaiye… Main soch rahi thi ki….”

But before Geet could continue she was silenced by a super angry blood slurring scream!!!


Yup!!! It was none other than our very own dear Maan!!! But the question is how did he know where Geet is???


How did Maan know???

KC without AC


Geet driving Maan mad!!!!


Am writing after a very long time dears!! If it is not up tp the mark, please do let me know!!!

BTW me will pakka try to update the next one soon as I know this is very very short1!!


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The recent Delhi Gang rape case has left a deep impact on my mind! As a girl, it’s something that I can’t overlook; something that has really shook me! Though I know I cant even feel an iota of the pain the girl and her family must be going through but this is something what are my feelings as that girl! I only pray to almighty that the girl gets strength to overcome this and it’s high time the authorities take a concrete step! God bless that girl and hundreds of other girls who too have been subjected to this misery but couldn’t voice it out due to the fear of humiliation!


Black! The only colour that now defines my life! I can still feel the pitch darkness that is slowly but steadily enveloping my whole life. The day that marked my doom now seems a distant memory to everyone but what everyone tends to forget is that every injury leaves a scar as a reminder and some scars are so deep that they can neither be healed nor they allow you to forget those memories attached to it!

A life???

Seems now like a joke to me…

The only thing I now wish…

Is from these clutches to break free…


Get away from this chaos…

And stop mourning for my loss….

This darkness is enveloping me…

Just no longer I care about my Victory…


Can your so-called justice…

Bring back my life’s bliss???

Can you ever erase the pain?

For me happiness in now a bane!!!


Life can never ever be the same…

I never ever wanted such a fame…

Which made my life a mockery…

Please God, now set me free…


Everyone’s treating my life as a game…

Those dogs’ people wish to tame…

But now the only thing I wish for…

Is an end to this brutal war!!!


It’s my heartfelt request…

Please everyone stop their bequest…

One thing I wish you to see…

Is just make sure there is no next ME!!!

Memories! This one word would actually carry so much importance in my life some day, I didn’t know! For me since the last 23 years of my existence the only things I associated with this one word was glimpses of my childhood, the day my friend saved me from getting scolded by the teacher, the day I graduated, my first bicycle ride… In short there were only sweet and fond memories etched in my heart with a few exceptions being when I got scared by a curtain thinking it to be a ghost, when I failed in a test and so on… to me these petty things meant bad memories!!!

Yes, now these memories are petty because now I have something so horrifying to remember that a mere ghost or even death can’t scare me! The memory of when I lived a phase of my life, thousand times more torturous and scary than death!!! A memory that was more like a nightmare but now unfortunately part of my life…  A painful, horrifying memory, etched for life…

I can’t change the truth because when everyday I face the mirror, I can’t see myself as an old me! I see someone so strange; so alien looking back at me… No! It’s not about outside looks but its something else as if something missing! Then as I sit and think about it, I realize that a part of my soul is now missing! It had died that very day, I lived that nightmare! People say that I will get justice as those demons that brutally snatched my happiness, my normal life are behind the bars! But my question is will that so called justice bring back my soul???

People die, sometimes get murdered, their loved ones mourn their loss. Their culprits are hanged or given life sentence. But the harm is already done; someone who is gone can’t come back! But after a while, it’s human tendency to move on in life! Their loved ones too forget after a point of time, though in some corner of their heart they do remember the person they lost but still they learn to live with the memories! My question is how does one move on when it’s your own soul that has died??? How can one forget that now she will never be able to lead a normal life ever??? That she is now no longer what is known as PURE in terms of mythology; when each day you can’t help but mourn your own existence on this earth….

For me, I was termed as a strong girl, someone who fought against injustice, against death and WON justice… But the truth is I lost… I lost my soul, my happiness, everything! Today I crave that very normal life that I used to term as boring and monotonous a few days back! I wish that those days return and I wake up and find that all this was just a terrible nightmare! But… Alas! Some wishes don’t come true! Now the only thing I wish for is that no one should ever face this humiliation, this slow painful death! I would never wish such a fate for even my enemies!

And as for the so called people on whom our country spends billions and trillions in the name of providing us protection, if this is what you term as PROTECTION, then instead please start using that money for educating people and maybe training them in self defense! Maybe that would reduce the crime rate because as of now, what you are doing is really not helping the case! Unfortunately or fortunately, I happen to be a living example of it! Please people instead of coming up on roads in the name of supporting me; instead pressurize the authorities to take a concrete step. Maybe by giving such a scary punishment that it will ensure that there would be no next time! So that tomorrow another ME is not standing in front of you!!!

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