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Kaafilaa Teaser 24/10/12

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Okies me knows that its been very long since I last updated this one and am really sorry dears!! Actually me was still thinking how to shape up the story now…

But since me is on an updating spree today!! Me though why not give at least  a Teaser for Kaafilaa too!!! So here it is dears!!


Nakul saw Maan and requested him with his eyes to save them all from Geet’s hitler Avatar but Maan just gave a lopsided smile as if mocking them…“Mera mazaak uda rahey thhey na abb bhugto…” But after a few minutes Maan finally had a pity on the poor servants who were just about to cry!!!

He wordlessly crept behind Geet and slipped his arms on her waist!!! Geet gasped and before she could respond, Maan scooped her in his arms and took her to their bedroom!!

“MAAAN!! Yeh aaap kya kar rahey hain… Utariye mujhe… ABHIII!!” Geet shouted while struggling to get out of Maan’s hold… Kicking her legs in the air… but Maan paid no heed to her and carried her all the way to their bedroom!!!


Hoping you liked the Teaser dears!! Will try to update this one soon but cant tell when!! My poor fingers are aching as since yesterday me is typing continuously!! Me has updated Twisty Deewangi and Aaiynaa dears!! So you can check it out dears!!

Thanks for bearing with me dears!!

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“Please calm down Mr. Khurana… I understand aapkey liye yeh sab ekk bahut bada shock hai but there are many more revelations and you need to be calm to hear them…” Inspector requested Maan to which he agreed and formed a fist to calm himself!! Inspector then signaled the Havaldar to continue…

“…Mr. Brij had also been involved in human trafficking… specially selling of naive village girls to middle east countries, fooling them, by luring them showing high dreams of a good well paid maid job or even marriage…”

“Issi dauraan… Brij Rahul sey milaa tha Mr. Khurana… Rahul is actually the King of this flesh trade business in Delhi… Brij koi ladki bechne aaya tha jab uski mulaakat Rahul sey hui…” Inspector clarified to Maan who was feeling disgusted by this pathetic excuse for human Brij…

“…Rahul actually illegitimately Ranjit Singh Khurana ka beta hai aur sabhi Khuranas sey nafrat karta hai yeh baat Brij ko kuchh mahino baad pata chali… The name Khuranas stuck somewhere in his mind and he actually tried to relate him to you… Tabb uske sources ney ussey asliyat bataayi… Ussey lagaa ki aap actually Ranjit Singh Khurana ke betey hain… Wo Rahul ki paternity ko lekar Khurana khaadaan aur khaas taur par aapki izzat kharaab karna chaahta tha parr useey ample proofs nahi mil paa rahey thhey…” The sub inspector who was silent till now spoke up the remnant facts…

“But what actually happened to Ranjit Singh Khurna??? Kya wo abhi bhi zinda hai ya…” Maan finally asked out of curiosity!! Yes, he had no feelings for that man and actually despised him for making his life hell but still he wanted to know the truth… He just hoped that he was not wrong in judging his so called father… But the truth that he learnt made him despise him even more…

“No Mr. Khurana… actually I am really sorry to tell you but Mr. Ranjit Singh Khurana was actually a characterless man… He was a Casanova and used to treat girls like thrash and use them like tissue paper… He was also involved in drug dealings and lot of other illegal activities…” The inspector clarified feeling bad while telling this truth about the so-called father of the man with high morals, sitting in front of him…

Strangely Maan didn’t feel bad at all… He actually hated that man and all this just fuelled his hatred… he had already given the place of his father to Raj and this man actually held no place in his life!!

“… And also he is no more… Ranjit Singh Khurana was murdered by his own son Rahul… Actually Ranjit had a vast bank balance in Swiss bank accounts and many properties under his name that he had earned from his illegal activities and frauds… Rahul ruthlessly murdered Ranjit by stabbing him and throttling his neck till he died… To get all this wealth under his name…”

Maan actually felt a strange peace… Its true he didn’t even feel an iota of pity for such a man, in fact, his fate actually told that there is indeed justice in god’s house… Ranjit was killed by his own, so called blood… What could be more worse than this, for a father to be killed by his own son???

“… Mr. Khurana Brij ke gunaho ki kahaani kaafi lambi hai but most of the crimes committed by him, that are punishable by law involve Rahul as well… In fact inn dono ki search ke liye Indian police force ney London ki police key through search warrant bhi jaari kiya tha…”

London word triggered Maan’s doubts…

“London??? Yaani wo log Geet ke peechhe wahan par bhi pahunch gaye thhey???”

“Nahi Mr. Khurana… Yeh sach hai ki unhoney waha par jab Geet ji ko dekha toh unhey target karney ki koshish kari thi but their aim was not Geet ji when they initially went to London…”

“Kahin aap Pari, meri behen ke baarey mein toh mean nahi kar rahey???? I mean is she also somewhere involved in this mess???” Maan asked, though he felt it to be a vague doubt but still he had a feeling that all the mess surrounding Pari also was related somewhere to Brij and Rahul!!

“Jee… Mr. Khurana actually Pari Khurana ya phir main yeh kahoon Meera Singhania hi unka asli target thhi…”


Maan was shocked but it wasn’t Maan who shouted, it was Vicky who was standing with a shocked expression on the door…

“Vicky tum yahan??? Tumhey to iss waqt plane mein hona chaiyeh na???” Maan asked standing up while getting confused to see him!!

“Yup dude… But actually mere paas AIMMS sey phone aaya tha and they have got a very important surgery of two girls, joined who are from their brain by birth, tomorrow… They needed me so I postponed my trip… I directly went there to get the required tests done then I came back home… Tumhe bataya nahi kyunki maine socha tha wapas aa kar tumhe aur sabhi ko surprise karoonga but yahan to…” Vicky trailed off still reeling from shock…

“… Dr. Khurana actually yeh baat humein bhi accidently hi pata chali… Darasal Meera ji ekk r*pe and murder case ki eye witness hai… Jab wo kareeban 14 saal ki thi toh unhone Brij ko ek ladki ka r*pe kartey hue dekha tha aur unhone ussey pehchann bhi lIya tha as she had seen his pics with Geet ji…” The inspector dropped the bombshell on Khurana brothers…

“WHATTT… Yeh aap kya keh rahey hain???” This time it was Maan who shouted, he looked at Vicky who seemed to be as clueless as him…

“… Jee actually jab wo tenth standard mein thhi tab ekk din wo apney school DPS sey laut rahi thi jab unhoney iss vaardat ko apni aakhon sey dekha hoga… But unfortunately those people noticed her as she shouted Brij’s name as a reflex action, and unhoney unkey sar par vaar kiya…”

“But Pari ney toh kabhi iss cheez ka zikar tak nahi kiya…” Vicky interrupted…

“Haan Vicky but hum bhool rahey hain Pari has got Partial amnesia… And obviously yeh sab dekh kar kissi bhi 14 saal ki bachchi ko kitna bada shock laga hoga…” Maan finally said connecting the dots… At the same time thoroughly shaken up wondering what all his baby sister had to endure at such a tender age!!!

“Exactly Mr. Khurana… Issi wajah sey wo kuchh recollect nahi kar paayi.. Par phir bhi Brij ko dar tha ki kahi kissi din uska raaz na khul jaaye…. Actually jis ladki ka murder hua wo Meera ji ke hi school ki ex student thhi issliye Meera ji ne unhe recognize kar liya thha…”

“But wo ladki thhi kaun and how come no one got to know about this matter??”Vicky questioned echoing the question that surfaced in Maan’s mind as well…

“She was some girl Jiya… Aur Meera ji uss waqt apney foster parents ke saath rehti thhi jinhe unsey koi khaas matlab nahi thha… Friends ne bhi nahi notice ki unki absence, kyunki shayad unkey karibi doston ey school change kar liya tha jiss wajah sey milna julna kam ho gaya tha…” The sub inspector clarified…

Maan now remembered, this was the time when Geet and Arohi both had changed their school… Even Riddhima had changed the school where Arts stream was offered, as DPS didn’t have an Arts stream!!!

“Ohhh god!! Issi wajha sey those goons attacked our Pari???” Vicky shook his head!!

“… yes Dr. Khurana… Actually Pari ji jab hospital mein thi aur kaafi had tak apni yaad dasht kho chuki thi tab aapke papa ney unhey dhoond liya tha aur apney saath le gaye thhey… Brij ko bhi unka pata lagaaney mein kaafi samay lag gaya aur phir jo hua wo aap jaantey hain…”

“Jab unhone Geet ji ko London mein dekha toh pehley toh unhoney unhe maarney ki koshish ki phir Rahul ke haath ek ladki lagi apney uss ghatiya kaam ke dauran jo ki Geet ji sey kaafi milti julti shakal ki thhi, Rimi… Ussey unhone Geet ji jaisa banaya aur yahan par aapkey paas unki jagah leney ke liye bhej diya taaki wo saari property par kabzaa kar sakein… Parr…”

“But their whole stupid plan got failed when Doll came back to Maan…” Vicky completed while the police clan agreed…

There was an eerie silence for a few minutes; No one had anything to say after that!!! The police clan took departure after getting signatures at a few places while Maan and Vicky promised to come to the police station if they remembered anything else; Leaving the Khurana twins amidst strange calm silence that prevails after a storm has receded!!!

Maan spoke up after a while voicing his doubts But Vicky, Dadima ney kaha tha ki wo yeh baat ki Geet wapas Delhi aa gayi hai tab sey jaanti thi jab sey wo lauti thi… And she knew that Rimi was faking… There is something amiss… Jab main tak yeh baat nahi jaanta tha then how did Dadima know???”

Vicky pondered about it and agreed that there was some catch in this whole situation…

“Hmm you are absoulutely right dude… Doll ke yahaan tumsey milney aaney ke baarey mein toh sirf mom, dad, bade papa, mujhe aur Arjun-Arohi ko pata tha… humein doll sey ekk baar baat karni chaiyeh…”

Maan agreed and they made their way towards Maaneet’s room only to find an empty room!!! Maan’s eyes looked around and he knew that Geet was not there, Chandu, the servant who was cleaning the spider webs just outside the door told them that Geet had gone out…

“Ohh god… yeh doll bhi na… Superman mujhe kehti hai aur khud superwoman jaisi harkatein karti hai… Kaha tha ussey ki rest karey but yeh word toh uski dictionary mein hi nahi hai shayad… Abb hum kaise pata lagaeyin wo kahaan hai??? Uska mobile bhi yeh dekho yahi pada hai…” Vicky cribbed getting angry…

Maan was seething in anger as Geet had gone out without even bothering to tell him but then his eyes fell on the box that now lay empty on the pillow and his lips curved into a devilish smirk…

“Chinta mat karo Vicky… Samajh lo Geet ka pata chal gaya…”


KC without AC!!!


Me sholly for another no Maaneet update!! But don’t worry next update will compensate!!

Have updated Aaiynaa also dears!! Please check it out!!


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Aaiynaa Part 20

Sasha stared wordlessly at the two year old in front of her while the people who heard him stood frozen at their spots!! But after a while, Sasha started laughing maniacally!!! Everyone got confused though no one interfered, while Sam was pretty cool and kept looking right into Sasha’s eyes!!!

“Fired??? Oh gosh!! Maanti hu ki tumhe MK ne zyada hi sar par chaddha rakha hai par you don’t have this authority dear!!! Tum jaantey bhi ho main kaun hoon???” Sasha said proudly and super arrogantly while raising her head high…

Sam didn’t say a word; He just calmly walked to his future cabin, currently his dad’s cabin!!!

MAAN’s Cabin

Maan was lost in the memories of that day when Geet broke down while telling him about her heart wrenching past!! That was the first time he had seen Geet cry… Those were the memories that forced an 8-year-old girl to mature way before time and to fend for herself!! The day when Geet lost her everything!! He hugged Geet closer when he remembered that day!!!


Maan and Geet quickly composed themselves when they heard the knocking. Maan took out his handkerchief and gently wiped the smudged kohl marks off Geet’s face… Geet in return just gave a watery smile…

“Geet… Tum washroom mein jaa kar apna muh dholo.. Tab tak let me see who’s there…” 

Geet nodded and left for Maan’s personal washroom in his cabin…

“Come in…”

With utmost difficulty, somehow Sam opened the huge cabin door and peeped inside… Maan couldn’t help but smile when he noticed how a small head was trying to creep from the small crevice that Sam had somehow managed to open… Maan immediately helped Samrat in opening the door…

“Sam tumne knock kyun kiya?? Tum to aise hi bhi aa saktey thhey na…” Maan asked Sam bending down to his level, though he was thankful that he knocked, as he wouldn’t have any answer if Sam saw his mom in that condition!!

“Yesh pal aishe hi kisshi ke room mein bina palmission ghuna bad manner hotey hain…” Sam said!!

Ruchs Translation Mode- Yes par aise hi kissi ke room mein bina permission ke ghusna bad manners hain…”

Maan felt extremely proud of this two year old in front of him but more than that he was proud of Geet who had raised him with such extremely good morals, in spite of all the difficulties she had to face!!!

“Okay so Sam tell me kya baat hai…”

“Me wanted to ashk ki can I take a deceshan in thish office???” Sam asked in a small voice…

Ruchs translation Mode- Me wanted to ask ki can I take a decision in this office???”

“Of course Sam… Yeh aapka office bhi hai… Aap jo karna chahe kar saktey hain but baat kya hai??? Aap aise kyun puchh rahey hain???” Maan answered, though a little surprised at Sam’s question…

“Aaap mele saath chalo…”

Sam dragged Maan along with him towards Tasha’s cabin desk where Sasha was still standing confused with Sam’s sudden exit… When Sasha saw Maan coming with Sam, she got a little apprehensive but still maintained her calm knowing well that no way in hell will Maan fire her… But poor her was in for a rude shock!!

“Papa… me in chulel anty ko file kal diya hai…”

Ruchs Translation Mode- Papa… me ne in chudeil aunty ko fire kardiya hai…”

“File??? Oh you mean fired??? WHATTT… Par kyun???” Maan first was confused then he was shocked!!!

“Bas kal diya…” Sam said refusing to give any explanation…

Maan sighed knowing well that now Sam won’t tell anything…

“Okay…” Maan replied…

“OKAY??? MK HOW CAN YOU AGREE???” Sasha shouted getting shocked…

“Sasha when Sam has taken this decision, there should be some strong reason behind it… And of course its Sam’s office too… he can do whatever he wishes!!!”


Geet too came running on the spot hearing all the chaos and shouting… She was shocked to learn that Sam had fired Sasha… She was about to intervene but stopped seeing Maan blinking his eyes telling not to…

“Oyeee inna mat chilaao… me ke ear damage ho jaaenge… Fine Sam is not hartles, I wil give u a job…”

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Oyeee itna mat chillao… me ke ear damage ho jaayenge… Fine Sam is not heartless, I will give you a job…”

Sasha cooled down and immediately accepted Sam’s offer… She could very well make out that this boy was hell bent on firing her and no one was going to save her so something was better than nothing!!! Also once she get’s fired from KC, she knew she wont get any job in any reputed construction company!!!

“Thank you soo much Sam beta… Please tell me my new job…” Sasha asked Sam with sugar-coated voice!!!

“Ufff inn chulel anty ki inni mithi talks sey me ko dabtes ho jaegi…” Sam thought to himself!!

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Uff inn chudeil aunty ki itni mithi talks sey me ko diabetes ho jaayegi…”

“Hmmm… Abb aayi na line par… okies shooo tumka new job ish you will clen all the toilets of the gals wasroom today, kal me wil tell a new job…. Aul haa clen hone chaiye… all gals can complen to me if thele ish any ploblem…” He said winking at all the female staff which made their hearts flutter!!

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Hmmm.. Ab aayi na line par… okies so tumka new job is you will clean all the toilets of gals washroom today, kal me will tell a new job… Aur haan clean hone chaiyeh… all girls can complain to me if there is any problem”

Everyone gaped at this boy’s idea while Sasha’s eyes literally came out of her sockets…


“Ufff me said na no chillana… abb punishmant… u will clen guy’s toilet as well…” Sam said and smirked…

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Uff me said na no chillana… abb punishment.. You will clean guy’s toilet as well!!!”

“Sam beta yeh thoda zyada nahi ho gaya???” Maan questioned quietly bending down to Sam’s level…

In answer he became the recipient of Sam’s glare making him gulp… He looked at Geet making a baby face asking for help…

“Sam… aap itni badi baat kaise bol saktey ho… Wo aap sey badi hain…” Geet scolded Sam…

“Pal balo jaishe kaam ni kiye inne…” Sam spoke looking at Sasha disgustingly…

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Par badon jaise kaam nahi kiye inhone…”

Maan and Geet both understood that there was much more to the story than they knew…

“Fine… Sam follow me to the cabin…” Maan said while moving towards his cabin…

“And Sasha get to work…” Maan said halting in between…

“Yes MK… wo blueprints…” Sasha said quickly gaining her composure, happy that she was not fired, but her happiness was short-lived!!

“Sasha… I meant start from female washroom on this floor… There are 7 washrooms in this office including the male ones and mine… so start your work NOW!!!” Maan ordered before turning back once again and leaving for his cabin followed by a smirking Sam and a super shocked Geet!!!

The whole office, which was silent till now, erupted into laughter while Sasha stood rooted at her place still shocked!!!

MAAN’s Cabin

“Hmmm so Mr. Samrat will you tell me what was that???” Maan asked knotting his eyebrows!!

“Papa… Sasha issh wakring fol Si..si… same singh.. compny…”

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Papa… Sasha is working for si… si… some Singh… company…”

“You mean Singhanias??” Maan asked shocked while Sam nodded…

“But how do you know???” Geet asked…

“Wo me ne unki chamhi tasha ki cabin dek pal kuchh file dekhi thi confedantal aul bahut saale pase…”

Ruchs Translation Mode- Wo me ne unki chamchi Tasha ki cabin desk par kuchh file dekhi thi confidential aur bahut saarey paise…

“WHAAATTT… God those scoundrels… I will kill them… Abb mere samajh mein aa raha hai ki hiw those Singhanias won the motel project and how their bid was lower than us and so close too!!!” Maan said enraged!!!

“But Sam how is this all related to Singhanias???” Geet asked…

“She thish…” Sam said taking out a paper from his pocket..

Ruchs Translation Mode- “See this…”

The paper was actually a letter addressed to Singhania Construction having the quotes of the government parking project that were to be quoted by KC!! Maan and Geet were shocked!!

“But Sam how do you know what this paper is??? You don’t know how to read???” Maan asked quite shocked!!

“Kishne kaha… me now evelyhthing…” Sam said proudly!!!

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Kisne kaha… me knows everything…”

“But how???” Maan questioned while Geet smiled!!!



Why is he so intelligent and

From where does he get such ideas???


Hope you all liked it dears! Fingers crossed!!


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While Geet went to the washroom to freshen up, Maan immediately took out the small box wrapped in a cute Minnie mouse gift-wrap from his pant pocket…. He placed a little kiss on it and kept it on Geet’s pillow!! As soon as he heard the lock of bathroom click open, he hurriedly cleared up the mess that Geet had created and rushed out of the room before Geet came out!!

Geet came out wiping her face with a towel, she kept the towel on the rim of the dressing table and looked around… She was surprised to find Maan missing, her eyes immediately drafted towards the place where the delicious cake was hoping that she could grab a bite or two before Maan noticed but was disappointed!!

“Babaji!! Yeh Maan bhi na kabhi kuchh nahi bhultey… Agar cake yahi chhod jaatey toh unka kya jaata???” She pouted!!

Maan, who was hiding behind the door, chuckled seeing his little wify’s antics!!!

Geet then sat down on the bed deciding to read a few pages of the pregnancy books that Maan had got for her. She took the pillow to make herself comfortable when she noticed a box that fell down!! She picked it up and got extremely excited seeing a gift!!!

“Mere liye???” She asked to the gift!!

“Uff abbb yeh gift kabsey answer karney lagi???” Maan thought to himself and slapped his forehead wondering ki uski Jaan ka much nahi ho sakta!!

Geet gingerly opened the gift box, carefully opening each tape taking care not to tear the gift wrapper from any place while Maan grew impatient to see her reaction!! Finally she opened the last tape and took off the gift wrapper, she neatly folded it and kept it aside… At last she opened the box…


Nothing was okay in KC since morning… A very important client was coming to finalize a project… It was a government project and thus didn’t involve a lot of money but was very prestigious for the reputation of the company as it involved the construction of a world trade village… an integration of rural India with the world!!!

Sasha, who had been in charge of this project, was going berserk as she had just discovered that the blue prints of the project were not yet taken out, as the printer was not working yesterday… And now apparently the CD consisting of the blueprints had got damaged!!!

“How the hell is that possible???? Yeh CD kal maine khud CD protector mein daal kar MK ke cabin mein rakhi thi… Toh phir iss par itney scratches kaisey aa saktey hain???” Sasha was very puzzled and at the same time worried… MK had left a huge responsibility on her, trusting her… She couldn’t disappoint him at any cost…

“Silly Me… Sasha uhh mera matlab hai ma’am… Aapne back up liya hoga na uss CD ka???” Tasha, Sasha’s assistant chirped in….

“Yehi baat toh mere bhi samajh ke bahaar hai Tasha… Mere laptop ki ekk ekk file corrupt ho gayi hai… The damn machine has crashed…” Sasha sighed while keeping a hand on her aching temple…

“K… Kkk… Kyaa… he he he … abb hum kkkya karengge???” Adi stammered nervously…

“Abb toh hamarey paas ekk hi raasta hai….”

“Sasha… uhh  silly me… Ma’am… Kaunsa raasta???”

The one and only GMSK…”

Tasha and other team members were confused while Adi who understood gave his typical hyena laugh knowing well that only GMSK can save their skin and KC’s reputation now!!


Just when Geet was about to open the box while Maan was waiting with baited breath, Geet’s phone rang… Geet accidently dropped the box while Maan slapped his forehead once again…  Geet picked up the box and kept it aside, and then she took her phone to answer the call… Maan was frustrated to no end; He glared at the oblivious Geet and then stormed off clearly very angry…



Geet removed the phone immediately from her ear to save them from permanent damage!! She sighed and finally asked her over excited Bhabhi…

“Kya hua Sasha bhabhi???” Geet teased…. But she was instantly alarmed when she heard Sasha’s story… She thought for a while then gave her an ‘out of the world’ idea before clicking the phone shut!!

“Hey babaji… Bass yeh idea kaam aa jaaye… Parr itney saarey coincidences ekk saath nahi ho saktey… Kahin koi aisa toh nahi hai ko nahi chahta ki hamari KC ko yeh project miley??? Mujhe office jaana chaiyeh waisey bhi its already five, I must leave fast…” Geet thought determinedly and then got up to freshen up completely forgetting about the poor box that lay forgotten on the bed!!!

MAAN’s study

As soon as Maan left from there grumpily, Nakul announced the arrival of the police inspector to him… Maan requested the inspector to follow him to his study… He didn’t want to remind his Jaan of all those horrifying incidents and the pain they had endured due to it, Geet was already not keeping too well and he didn’t want to add to her stress!! But he was oblivious to the khhichdi his dear little wify and sis-in-law were pakayofying behind his back!!!

“Please be comfortable Sir…” Maan said after requesting the inspector, sub inspector and his two havaldars to have as seat on the sofas… He himself sat on the recliner cum sofa…

“So Mr. Khurana I guess abb humein saari formalities puri kar leni chaiyeh…”

“Jee inspector… Aap mujhe bataiye ki kya kya karna hai… Waise maine apney lawyer sey bhi baat kar li hai and he must be on his way…”

“Actually uski shaaya zaroorat nahi padegi because Brij ne kaafi had tak ikbaal-e-jurm yaani ki self confession kar liya hai…”

Maan was quite surprised to learn about this…

“That’s great inspector… Mujhe bilkul ummeed nahi thi ki uske jaisa aadmi apney muh sey apne gunah kabool karega…”

Abb jab police ki laathi aur third degree torture milta hai toh achchhey sey achchhey logon ka muh khul jaata hai…” Inspector smirked…

“Well so lets come to the point… Pehley main aapko wo saarey charges bata deta hoon jo Brij par lagey hain aur jo bhi karnaamey useny aur uskey kamine saathiyon ne kiye hai phir aap mujhe bata dijiyega if I miss out anything…”

Maan nodded agreeing as well as requesting the inspector to go ahead… Inspector signaled one of the havaldars who opened a big file that was in his hand and began…

“Brij Handa, son of Mr. Rajendra Handa, he had been a local goon since the age of sixteen, involved in honour killings taking place in his village Hoshiarpur… He was majorly involved in killing of Chaani, a local girl who had married her boyfriend against her parents wishes…”

Maan was actually not surprised to hear this… He had a fair idea about it as once Geet had mentioned about her friend Chaani and what all Rajji told her, when he had asked her why she hated Hoshiyarpur so much!!

“… At the age of 18, he along with his father Mr. Rajendra Handa had duped Mrs. Rano Handa and her daughter Miss. Geet Handa of their property and above all their home, Handa Mansion, taking advantage of the apparent demise of Mr. Mohinder Handa…”

Maan’s eyes turned red at this, as he clearly remembered the time when he had seen his Rano Ma so helpless and his innocent wify coming in terms with this money sucking cruel world… How those leeches had gone to the extent of trying to separate him from his Geet!!!

“… Mr Brij has also confessed that the brakes of Mr. Mohinder Handa’s car had been tampered by him and his father, and some technical faults had been created because of which there was a blast in the car…” 

“WHAT??? Yeh aap KYA KEH RAHEY HAIN???” Maan was shocked out of his wits… it was not an accident, it was an attempt to murder????


Some Major Revelations in the Report!!


Hope I didn’t mess up the update dears!!

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Aaiynaa Part 19

Am extremely sorry for the super big delay!! Situations were not in my favor dear- first exams then I got ill and on Friday i lost my Pet Cat Furby… She died in front of my eyes!! Today’s update is dedicated to her- I love you Furroo and am missing my baby a lot!! May you be very happy wherever you are!! May your soul rest in peace!!


Sasha looked at Maan for some help. She expected him to give a lecture to Sam on behaving with people elder to him, but Maan didn’t even react and continued studying the blue prints!! Abb who kya jaane ki when Junior MSK speaks Senior MSK doesn’t interfere…. Arrey unhe apni jaan pyaari hai ya nahi!!!

Geet was muffling her laughter as she had peeped once from above her magazine and Sam’s look clearly said that Sasha was in for some more torture. The last time when someone had dared to get in Sam’s bad books, it was a poor doctor who had tried to boss over him and even tried to give Sam an injection without his permission. Well his fate had been then sealed by Sam, and thanks to Sam’s… Ahem… Ahem… torture… ummm… methods, the poor guy got so scared of an injection himself that he had to leave practicing medicine altogether and right now was on a Sanyaas in some lone corner of Himalayas!!!

Sasha just made a baby crying face cursing her fate but then an evil idea popped in her mind-

“Arrey maine yeh toh socha hi nahi… Yeh ladka obviously MK ka beta hai but about Geet as his mom, something is fishy… Mujhe yaad hai ki Geet ke bio-data ke according she is just 18 and this boy seems at least 2… Mujhe pata lagana hoga ki yeh maamla kya hai… Parr tab tak mujhe iss ladke ki good books mein rehna padega… yeh MK tak pahunchne ki chaabi hai… And with my charm I can dazzle any guy… toh phir yeh pidda sa ladka kya cheez hai…”

Our dear Sam rudely brought Sasha out of her sweet dream world…

“Oye chulel anty… Mela hot choklate kab laogi??? Ishi shan mein ya phil jab me pal dada ban jaaegi… Oops tab tak toh tum upal pahunchh chuk hogi na… Alley ni ni… Upal ni neeche…” Sam exclaimed correcting himself while thinking something…

Ruchs translation mode- “Oye chudeil aunty… Mera hot chocolate kab laogi??? Issi san mein ya phir jab main par dada ban jaaongaa…. Oops tab tak toh tum upar pahunch chuki hogi na… Arrey nahi nahi…. Upar nahi neeche…”

“Neeche???” Maan asked getting confused…

Everyone had clearly understood what Sam meant and were mentally laughing at Sasha’s plight being declared as a bhoodi… But they were confused what Sam meant by neeche??? As far as they knew after death, everyone goes up!!!

“Uff papa… Swalg upal hota hi… Pal yeh to chulel anty hai na… So yeh toh nalk mein jaaeingi na aul wo to neeche hoti hai… Pal bichale nalk ke log… Aichi chulel ko dekh kal to unhe bhi nani dadi yaad aa jaaegi….” Sam explained as if telling a one year old about basic ABCs, at the same time feeling pity for the people of ‘Nark’!

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Uff papa… swarg upar hota hai… Par yeh toh chudeil aunty hai na… So yeh toh nark mein jaayengi na aur wo toh neeche hota hai… Par bichare nark ke log… Aisi chudeil aunty dekh kar to unhe bhi nani dadi yaad aa jaayegi…”

Everyone stood absolutely quite for a minute then burst out laughing when they finally understood what Sam said… Our dim witted Sasha was confused why everyone laughed, but when the tube light finally understood after full five minutes, she immediately made an exit mumbling something under her breath, before the people present had more fun at her expense!!!

Maan just shook his head trying really hard to get a hold on himself. With great effort finally he managed to pull on a straight face and addressed Samrat oops Sam-

“Sam beta why don’t you go and have a nice chat with Pinky, you will find her at the reception desk… And trust me she is quite sexy…” Maan whispered the last part in Sam’s ear so that only he could hear!!!

Sam nodded and gave a dazzling smile and went off but not before giving a naughty wink to his partner in crime, Dad!!!

Geet squinted her eyebrows knowing well that this Papa – Beta duo must be up to no good but just shrugged off her shoulders and once again diverted her attention to the magazine when a headline caught her attention.

 Family burned into ashes… 2 year old orphaned!!’

Geet froze at her place as the earth shattering memories hit her like darts!!

“Papa… Mujhe wo pink waali frock chaiyeh…”

“Haan beta aur aapko uske saath matching shoes bhi milenge… after all aaj meri pari ka, meri rajkumaari ka B’day hai…”

“Uff aap bhi na bas bigaad kar rakha hai issey…”

“Tum kuchh mat kaho meri beti ko…”

“Yes!! My papa is the best!!!”

“Haan haan aap dono ne toh bas ek team bana li hai… Meri kya zaroorat hai abb agar main mar…”





“Geet… GEET… GEEET…”

Geet came out of those dreadful memories sweating badly when she heard her savior calling her name… She opened her eyes and blinked a few times before she finally looked up to see Maan looking at her with a very concerned face…

She didn’t wait for anything else and leapt in his arms, sobbing hard, least bothered about the rest of the world!!

Maan was explaining the errors and the necessary corrections to the team when his eyes fell on Geet. She was clutching the magazine in a tight fist in her hand, literally crushing it, while sweating profusely. He at once knew something is very wrong and instantly dismissed the team asking them to do the necessary work while he will give his inputs in a while. Then he rushed to Geet calling out her name. She didn’t respond at all but finally when she opened her eyes Maan was shocked to see them blood red, filled with pain. She then leapt in his arms and started sobbing while Maan could do nothing but console his Jaan…


Sam was having a nice time being pampered by everyone specially all the female species present in the office. Sam had this special charm in him, and he could make the females go gaga over him within a flick of fingers!!! His super cute looks were an added advantage!!

Pinky was busy chatting with Sam while sharing her packet of Extra Large Family pack of Lay’s Magic Masala Chips with him, enjoying his undivided attention specially when all the girls were swooning over this cute little boy dying to have a word with the Junior MSK!!

Sam could very well make out what the girls were trying to do and smirked to himself. He actually liked this girl… Pinky!! Nope, she wasn’t sexy as his Papa said, but she was pretty cute and chubby!! Very much unlike other girls… And she was a complete chatterbox!! Totally natural, nothing artificial or fake about her like Sasha…

“Ufff that illitating chulel Anty totly seems lik a pilated maal… totlly nakli… Flom top to bottom, al pieces fake…” Sam thought to himself making weird faces…

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Uff that irritating Chudeil Aunty totally seemed like a pirated maal… Totally nakli.. From top to bottom, all pieces fake…”

Adi, who had just come to the reception to get the contracts faxed to the client, looked at the duo with his mouth hanging open!! Pinky, HIS pinky was sharing her PRIZED packet of chips with Sam!! He very well remembered she never shared even a single chip with anyone till date, not even with him!! But here…. Oh boy, our dear Adi sir was getting J… very jealous of this two year old!!! He fumed and left from there, completely forgetting about the contract, as he was unable to bear the sight!!!!


Sasha finally managed to find a bottle of Hershey’s drinking chocolate in the kitchen and made a glass of hot chocolate… She had went in Maan’s cabin but the sight in there made her fume… Geet and Maan were in each other’s arms… Maan was rubbing his hand on her back while almost crushing her in his embrace…

Sasha hastily made a retreat as she could very well see that all her remaining dreams of ever getting into MK’s life were getting brutally crushed… She cursed Geet for the umpteenth time when a burning sensation reminded her of the impending task!!!

Desks near RECEPTION Area, KC

Sasha had forgotten to get a tray and was actually holding the mug (which was not insulated!! He he!!!) in her bare hands… She somehow managed to bring the mug to Tasha’s desk while blowing air on her poor burnt palms while tossing it from her left hand to right hand and vice versa!!!

She was just about to keep it on the table when something or rather someone bumped into her!! And all her mehnat crashed, oops, the hot chocolate mug fell down and broke into pieces like her heart while the hot chocolate seeped away like MK from her hands!!!

“Oh gosh… You fool cant you see???” Sasha blasted on the person…

“Shhh.. Shut up!! D… Dekkhh Kar toh t..tttum bhi ch.. chal sakti ho… You i..idiot!!” That person blasted on Sasha taking her by surprise, and stormed off!!! While the whole office looked on unable to believe their eyes!! Were they really seeing him, HIM, who didn’t even have guts to say a word to Sasha, actually shouting on her???

Yup, that someone was Adi sir!!! Correction, a very angry and a super ‘J’ Adi sir!!!

Pinky, who was also a witness of all the drama, actually got quite impressed by her hero and blushed… Our Romeo Sam noticed the look at once and smirked…

“Hmmm lagta hai Me will have to think!!! Pal ush she pehle iss chule anty ko theek kalna palega…” He said to himself noting in his mind to think of formulating a plan to get these two laila majnus together!!!

Ruchs Translation Mode- “Hmm Lagta hai me will have to think!! Par uss se pehley iss chudeil aunty ka kuchh karna padega…”

He silently got off his chair and went to a still stupefied Sasha… He thought to pull her skirt to catch her attention but then her super micro mini was actually out of his reach so he used the back up plan…. He stepped on her foot!!!

“OUCH!!!!” Sasha screamed while wincing and looked down to see a very calm and composed Sam looking at her while crossing his arms!!!

“You ale filed!!”

Ruchs Translation Mode- “You are fired!!”


Sasha’s New… err… can we call it a Job???


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