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Hi friends, as promised, here is the summary of the story till now.
Aaiynaa Story Till Now…

Aaiynaa is a story revolving around the life two individuals Maan and Geet. While Maan is 28, Geet is only 18. But even at the age of 18, Geet is mature beyond her age. They both met at a college even where Maan was chief guest and Geet made his life hell. They both were like a clash of titans but gradually like they say opposites attract, and right now they are in a relation ship, Geet doesn’t believe in marriages. At present she has joined Maan’s office as an intern. Because she is intelligent beyond her capability, she is managing both college and office. Life has thrown many challenges towards her, one of them in the form of her parents death in an accident when she was just 8. She has a son named Samrat aka Sam. He is not her biological son but was gifted to her by destiny when she was just 16. Because she herself was an orphan, she found her world in him. She became his mother, when she herself was a teenager. Sam has cancer. And Maan and Geet both are trying their best to save him.

Later in story, it is seen that Sam is actually Nandini Handa Khurana and Armaan’s son. Nandini being Geet’s real sister resembles her a lot. And Armaan is Maan’s elder brother. But both Geet and Maan were unaware about them being related and how Maan never knew about Geet in spite of being best friends with Nandini for years, is still a mystery. How Sam landed up abandoned in a temple is a mystery as well. Whether Nandini and Armaan are alive or dead, is a mystery too!!!

Ved was also Maan’s brother who actually once tried to date Geet but it went flop!!! Dev is also Maan’s brother but a cousin or real, we don’t know. In last two parts we saw that Dev is somewhat related to Geet’s past.

Phew! SO here is a short summary of a story till now. Though if you guys have time, I would request you to read the previous parts, as I think you will enjoy them and also there are many things which I skipped!!


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Aaiynaa Part 28

PART – 28

Was it the peaceful serene environment, the sweet occasional chiming of the bell or the fresh smell of various flowers, Geet didn’t know, but this place always gave her the peace and much needed space to clear her thoughts. When she sat on her knees with a candle in her hand having an eye-to-eye talk with Mother Mary, she always found herself sharing even her deepest secrets. Though a true Hindu by birth, but it was a Church where she actually found herself in, anytime she needed guidance.

And today was one such day. It had been almost 2 months since she last came here. She had moved on in life, trying her best to shed all that burden of the past. But today that one word had brought all those painful memories back to her. She was back to square one all because of that one name, DEV.

“Why mother, why??? Why is this name intriguing me so much? There must be lakhs of Devs in this world. Then why am I relating this one to him???” Geet questioned the divine figure of Mother Mary while closing her eyes, letting those tears of anguish finally fall freely.

Prin..Princess… Promi… Promise me… beta… aap darr… darroge… nahi… Aap jiyo… jiyoge… Meri princess… Haa.. haar nahi maa.. maanegi…” rasped a badly injured Rano while extending her shivering hand towards her daughter who herself was crying in pain…

“Promisss me… pri.. princess…”

“Prom.. sob…promise…” cried the little one…

The next thing she knew was she being pushed out of the window and the car roll down the cliff milliseconds later. The only two words she uttered before passing out were- “Maa… Papa…”

Geet hurriedly opened her eyes and gasped as those memories came back to her. She was just eight but that one promise to her mother was what made her fight for her existence till date. She never accepted defeat at any challenge life threw at her.

“Mother, I cannot bring them back. I know. Then why is this entire thing making me so restless? I don’t even want any revenge because I don’t know whose fault it was. They why is it taking a toll on me? Why do I feel that something bad is going to happen soon? Why???” Geet whispered only to get the silence as always.


Downstairs everyone was busy making Adi and Pinky turn beetroot red by mercilessly teasing them but Maan was pacing on his personal terrace. He knew that his Geet had undergone a lot in the past, and if his instinct is correct then today something happened that reminded her of it.

“Main toh yeh tak nahi jaanta ki aakhir tumhare past main hua kya tha? Kaise main tumhara dard kam karoon Geet? Kaise?” Maan questioned himself while combing his hair backward, with his hand.

Both of them had questions, but there are some questions that are best left unanswered. Because some answers raise the question on your mere existence.

A Glimpse Of Nandini!!
Okies!! so this is the next part!! Hope me is able to build up the suspense!!!
Me will try to put up an update and summary both very soon!!
Love you dears!!

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Aaiynaa Part 27

AM BACK!!!!!!!!! 😀

PART- 27
Dev Uncle, this name was etched deep in her memory. After all who can forget that one name which was maybe somehow linked to the reason for your doom in past life? She somewhat remembered his face also, though she was not sure if this Dev was that one or not…

“Bachcha… how are you feeling now??”

Dev sweetly asked the scared 8 year old who was attached to various tubes and dressed up with multiple bandages. But the little girl did not reply, she merely clutched that little pink teddy close to her heart with her only good hand.

“Sweety, don’t worry. Jaldi aap ek bahut achchhi jagah jaa paaoge. Waha par aur bhi bahut saare chhote chhote friends milenge aapko…” Dev lovingly told the mini scared cutie while ruffling her hair a little, but as usual the only reply he got was that blank scared stare.

While the only thing running in that little brain was- “She lost everyone… And maybe because of this uncle…”


Geet came out of that shuddering memory when the same guy clicked his fingers in front of him…

“So back to earth… hmmm??? I already met this little muchikin… But yet to meet that daring lady who actually managed to make THE Maan Singh Khurana’s life hell…” Dev chuckled…

“Hi…” Geet whispered weakly

“Obviously you don’t know me… Am Dev as in Dev Singh Khurana… Dadi’s eldest pota and Maan’s elder bro…” Dev finished while offering his hand for a handshake…

“Not a good idea bro… You don’t know Geet ka jab paara high hota hai na toh ussmein Mike Tyson ki aatma aa jaati hai… She might just hold your hand and throw you somewhere considering how angry she is at the Saudagars!!!” Yash chimed while everyone sniggered seeing Dev’s stupefied face…

Everyone laughed even more seeing Dev hastily remove his hand mumbling something about an urgent call while running away upstairs. But Geet was oblivious to all this, she was stuck at just two words… ELDER BROTHER, is he the one???!!!

“What happened Geet? Abhi bhi naaraaz ho??” Maan asked her sweetly, he could make out she was still upset…

“Ummm Nahi… Am okay, but I really need to get somewhere, main Sam ko shaam ko pick kar lungi…” Geet finally spoke as her brain functioned a little..

“Kya hua bete??” this time Dadima asked worried, everyone now was a little worried seeing her so detached…

“Nothing Dadima, wo haan… aaj mujhe uss rent waale apartment ko bhi finalize karne jaana tha, wo now since Sam is here so main hostel main nahi reh sakti na… Bass isliye… Umm I should go now…” Saying this she hurriedly took her purse and went away…

Though no one was convinced but they didn’t interfere… But Maan could make out it was something related to Dev bhai… He didn’t miss how her face lost colour hearing his name…But the question was how was Dev bhai even related to her or was it just the name… Dev???

Nightmares or some hidden truths???

Phew!! Finally done… Me hoping me has not lost the touch!!!
If you guys find anything amiss, just let me know dears!!!!
Love you loads!!!

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